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Ezra Felix Nielsen

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Ezra Felix Nielsen Empty Ezra Felix Nielsen

Post by Gabriel Johnson on Wed May 18, 2011 6:48 am

* What is your character's full name?
Ezra Felix Nielsen
* Where and when were they born?
He was born at his father, David’s work room in their home on February 14th, Valentine’s day at three in the afternoon.
* Who are their parents?
David and Dewayne Nielsen.
* Do they have any siblings? If so, who are they?
Yes, he has two. Wayne and Dayton.
* Where do they live and who with?
He lives in a sort of mansion with his parents and two brothers.
* What is their occupation?
He is a male model.
* What do they look like?
He has blue-green eyes, dirty blonde hair, high cheekbones, plump pink lips. He’s not too big, but not weirdly small either. He is truly beautiful.
* Do they have any diseases, allergies, or physical weaknesses?
He has a Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. Which means that he cannot feel any type of pain. If he gets cut with a knife for example, he will feel the knife slicing his skin but no pain comes with it.
* What words or phrases do they use that defines them?
Innocent, sweet.
* Do they have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other characteristics that are specific to them.
When excited his eyes twitch and his teeth will chatter, he tends to bite his nails often.

Now that we have our basic building blocks for our character, our next step is to describe their history. It is our history that defines who we become. Because of that, we need to know what happened to our character in the past.

* How would you describe the character's childhood in general?
He grew up being a burden to his parents. Because of his condition, they always had to keep an eye on him, making sure he wasn’t hurting himself.
* What is their earliest memory?
His mother screaming bloody murder because he had smashed a window with his head…
* What was their school like and how did they like it there?
He wasn’t a total outcast but he wasn’t really popular either.
* Where did they learn the skills and abilities that they most use in the present?
His father taught him a few doctorish things. His grandpa Dustin taught him how to farm and ride a horse.
* When growing up, did they have any role models?
Britney Spears…
* When growing up, how did they get along with their family?
Pretty well although often he felt as if he was an annoyance.
* What did they want to be when they were a child?
He wanted to be someone’s night in shining armor.
* When was their first kiss and who with?
His hasn’t had his first kiss though.
* Who was their first love?
He hasn’t had his first love yet but he has a small crush on his grandpa Dustin and his first cousin Gabriel McDaniels.
* Are they a virgin, and if not, when and with whom did they lose their virginity?
Yes he is a virgin and doesn’t plan on giving it up any time soon…
* Describe any influences in their past which led them into becoming the person that they are today.
Well, watching his first cousin Gabriel fuck everyone and always look so gorgeous made him want to be that beautiful all the time, which encouraged him to become a model.
* What do they consider to be the most important event of their life so far?
He isn’t sure. But he knows something big will come soon…
* Who has had the most influence on them and why?
Probably his mother. Simply for always being there for him…
* What do they consider to be their greatest achievement?
Staying innocent for so long.
* What is their greatest regret?
Ironically, staying innocent for so long. A part of him is proud of it and another part wishes he would have lived a little.
* Do they have a criminal record of any kind? If so, why?
No, not at all.
* What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to them?
A group of guys teased him mercilessly for being so innocent and inexperienced.
* What is their best and worst memory?
Worst: His mother scolding him and his father beating his ass for purposely slicing his arm with a knife to show a friend it didn’t hurt him when he knew he wasn’t supposed to.
Best: The first time a cute boy told him he was beautiful instead of hot or sexy. He was thirteen. He almost kissed the boy but didn’t.

The next thing that we need to work on is our character's beliefs. Now we are getting into the closest parts of their soul.

* Are they an optimist or a pessimist?
Usually an optimist.
* What is your character's greatest fear?
No one ever wanting him either because of his condition or the fact that he won’t have sex…
* What is their religion?
Christian. He strongly believes that you shouldn’t have sex before marriage…
* What are their political views?
Politics don't exist.
* What are their views on sex?
You should only do it when you’re positive you are truly in love.
* What are their views on violence and killing?
He thinks it is awful and would never do it himself. Like his father, he doesn’t like hurting people.
* What do they feel is the most evil thing that a human being could do?
Any sort of major harm to another. Rape, murder, etc.
* What are their views on true love?
It exists and you should wait until you are positive you have found that person.
* How honest are they?
It depends on who he’s talking to.
* Are they biased or prejudiced in any way?
Not really.
* Is there anything that they would simply refuse to do no matter what the circumstances?
Have sex when he wasn’t in love.
* Is there anyone or anything that they would die for?
Maybe his parents and brothers.

Now let's move on to more matters of the heart. It's time to start exploring our character's relationships.

* How do they treat others in general?
He’s usually very cute and sweet. He’s the perfect polite boy in front of parents.
* Who is the most important person in their lives and why?
His father because every time he fucks something up with himself, his father seems to know what to do.
* Who is the person that they respect the most and why?
He respects Gabriel McDaniels the most. Because like he said, he always saw him as so beautiful and graceful.
* Who are their friends?
His brothers, Wayne and Dayton, Gabriel McDaniels, and Brayden McDaniels.
* Do they have a spouse or a significant other?
Not yet.
* Have they ever been in love?
Not yet.
* What is their ideal mate?
He wants someone sweet and loving who will not care about his disease and will respect his wish to wait for sex. For looks, he likes brown hair and brown eyes. He wants someone a little muscular. Like he said he wants someone sweet and loving but who can also be firm and rough too.
* How close are they to their family?
Fairly close.
* Do they have children? If not, do they want them?
No but he would like them one day.
* Who would they turn to for help?
Probably his brothers or his grandfather.
* Do they trust anyone to protect them? If so, then who?
His parents.
* If they suddenly went missing, who would come looking for them?
Maybe his parents and brothers, some other family…
* Who is the person that they hate the most?
Chris. Because he secretly crushes over his grandfather Dustin. He envies Chris.
* Do they tend to argue with people or avoid conflict?
He usually avoids conflict but he can argue if needed.
* Do they tend to take on positions of leadership?
Yes, he likes being a leader.
* Do they like interacting with large groups of people?
Mhm, he’s very outgoing.
* Do they care about how others think about them?

So now we have come to the last part of our character, the little things that help us define who they really are.

* What is their favorite hobbies and pastimes?
He loves taking pictures. Of everything.
* What is their most treasured possession?
A locket his grandpa gave him on his tenth birthday. There is a picture Dustin took of he and Ezra on a horse inside of it.
* What is their favorite food?
* What is their favorite color?
A nice, light, icy blue color.
* What do they do for entertainment?
Takes pictures, it relaxes him.
* How do they deal with stress?
He usually tries to get a quick modeling gig. It takes his mind off whatever is stressing him.
* Do they tend to plan things out, or do they tend to be more spontaneous?
He is very spontaneous.
* What are their pet peeves?
People who tease him for refusing to fuck.
* What is their greatest strength?
His stubbornness.
* What is their greatest weakness?
His heart.
* If they could change one thing about themselves, what would it be?
He doesn’t want to change anything. He doesn’t think he’s perfect but he is going to live with what God gave him.
* Are they an introvert or an extrovert?
More of an extrovert.
* Are they organized or messy?
* What things do they consider themselves good at?
Modeling, photography, horse riding, sometimes cooking.
* What things do they consider themselves terrible at?
Pretty much everything else.
* Do they like themselves?
* What goals do they hope to accomplish in their lifetime?
Find a good lover, get married and make love to them. He would like at least two kids.
* Where do they see themselves in 5 years?
Modeling, hopefully dating someone.
* What is the one thing that they want to be remembered for after they die?
He wants to be remembered as… beautiful. That seems to be important to him. But not like it would be to most people… most people will think he’s shallow for wanting to be remembered as beautiful but that is not what he means by it. The word has a whole new meaning to him.

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