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Post by Gabriel Johnson on Wed May 18, 2011 7:17 am

“Just go away!” Ezra hissed, glaring at the boys hatefully. But they just kept going. The three of them just wouldn’t quit.
“I will when you gimme a little kiss Ezra. Right here.” He puckered his lips.
“Fuck off!” No way he was giving his first kiss to this asshole.
“Look, either you give me what I want or I’ll MAKE you give me what I want.”
Ezra’s stomach flipped at that… no… all his hard work couldn’t be taken away just like that…
And before he knew what was happening, two of the boys had grabbed his arms and the third was ripping off his clothing.
“NO! GET THE FUCK OFF!!” He screamed bloody murder, kicking his feet and flailing around like a fish out of water.
The boy grabbed his chin and came towards him, lips puckered. Just as their lips were going to meet… a gunshot was heard. And it was very near. By near he meant two feet away.
Ezra beamed. In his mind a gunshot meant two words.
Dustin McDaniels.
And sure enough Dustin had been out farming and seen what the boys were doing to his grandson.
The boys all stopped and dropped Ezra when they heard the shot.
Dustin got in shooting stance and aimed the gun at the boy who’d wanted to rape Ezra.
“Ah want all three of you off mah property in the next… THREE seconds or the gun’s goin’ off!”
And they were out. They ran as fast as they ever had, tripping over their own two feet several times.
“FASTER!” Dustin shouted, giving another warning shot that hit a tree trunk just inches away from the boys.
They squeaked and were gone.
Dustin kept the gun by his side but helped Ezra up.
“Ya alright Ez?”
Ezra swallowed and nodded before smiling brightly, his eyes practically hearts as he looked up at his grandpa.
“Thank you so much…”
“Not a problem kiddo. Glad they didn’t hurt ya.”
“They didn’t really. Just y’know teasing.”
“Don’t let it get to you baby. Don’t let anyone make you give up your innocence. What you’re doing, waiting, is good. Real good. I shoulda done it.” He nodded, ruffling his hair and wrapping an arm around Ezra, leading him home.
“Wanna stay with me and Chrissy for the night?”
“Yeah….” He nodded, biting his lip to conceal the smile.
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