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Kyndal Paxton

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Kyndal Paxton Empty Kyndal Paxton

Post by Gabriel Johnson on Wed May 25, 2011 7:21 am

These are just two fics I wrote about my OC Kyndal Paxton. Enjoy <3


Kyndal ran the lingerie through his fingers. The silky panties were cute but not his type. He stepped out of the secluded store into the crowded mall hallway.
He was a wreck lately…
He was sick of being a quick fuck. He wanted someone to settle down with him… wanted someone to love him…
He was a whore… and he hated it. He didn’t want to be. But he needed sex and he lacked a lover to give it to him. So he took it where he could get it. But he was always sure to make the men where condoms and he wanted doctor’s tests to show that they didn’t have any diseases.
But he was so sick of this. Just sex. No more…
He walked through the mall, people watching. Shopping always calmed him.
He found himself staring at a boy a few feet away, laughing with some friends. He was absolutely gorgeous. After a moment the boy returned his gaze.
“Hey.” He nodded and waved at Kyndal.
Kyndal flashed him a smile and continued on his way.
After a few seconds he heard something.
“Hey! Wait up!”
He turned to see the boy running towards him.
He raised an eyebrow at him.
They guy caught up to him and grinned.
“Hey there…”
“Hi…” Kyndal smiled softly. Inside he wanted to groan, he wasn’t in the mood to fuck right now… “So what do you want?”
“Well… I was just wondering if… y’know… you’d like to come out to dinner or something… with me…”
Kyndal blinked before a large smile spread across his face.
“That sounds… great…” Someone offering a real date… not just sex.
“Um there’s that little diner right across the street?”
Kyndal nodded and took his hand, walking him to the diner. They were seated and handed menus.
“So whats your name?” Kyndal asked him
“My names Brian.” He smiled.
“My names-”
“Kyndal.” The man interrupted. “I know.” He grinned.
“How do you know that?” Kyndal frowned.
“I’ve heard about you.” He nodded.
“Oh well okay…” Kyndal shrugged it off as they ordered their food.
They continued talking, joking around, laughing, they really seemed to hit it off.
Kyndal was ecstatic.
Could this be the guy?
They finished their food and they walked back over to the mall parking lot. It was now dark outside.
“Where’s your car? I’ll walk you to it.” Brian offered.
“Up there.” Kyndal pointed and they started towards it.
When the got there, Brian grabbed his chin and pressed their lips together sloppily.
Kyndal frowned, letting out a small squeal and pushing him off.
“What was that?” He made a face.
“Look, I got two hundred bucks here plus I just wasted about forty paying for dinner for your tight ass. Take it or leave it.” He guy waved some money in his face and Kyndal’s lip trembled.
He just wanted sex after all…
“You can take that two hundred bucks and shove it up your ass!”
He stormed off to his car, eyes blurred with tears as he drove to Gabriel’s, knocking on the door before realizing he wasn’t allowed there anymore. To his dismay, Angel opened the door.
“Shit I’m sorry…” It was just instinct to come to Gabriel when he was upset after so many years of doing it…
Angel was about to snap at him but he noticed the tears in his eyes. He sighed.
“Come on in…”
Kyndal thanked him quietly before stepping in the house.
“Gabe!” He called lightly. Gabriel popped his head in the room seconds later.
He eyed Angel who nodded to say it was okay before lifting Kyndal and carrying him off to his bedroom. He sat him on the bed and simply hugged him.
“What happened?” He asked.
“This guy took me out to dinner… he was so sweet. I thought that he could be the one and then what does he do? Pulls out money for sex…”
“Aw Kyndal.” Gabriel frowned, stroking his hair.
“If I go one more day with just sex I’m going to lose it…” He sighed.
“If I didn’t love Angel you know I’d be your lover…”
“No Gabe. I’d go back to being your slave. Not your lover…” He shook his head. “Angel seems to think I’d do anything to have you again but I wouldn’t. I don’t want you back. Don’t get offended or anything I just… I don’t want to be beaten on.” He sighed.
Gabriel nodded.
“I’m not offended.. I don’t see how Angel loves me like he says he does…”
“You’re pretty awesome when not being a complete ass.” Kyndal smiled softly.
“I am, aren’t I?”
“Yeah, I love your ass as a friend. Just not a lover. I fell under your spell once… I won’t do it again.” He nodded.
“Well anyways, I know someones waiting for you out there Kyndal. You’re pretty fucking amazing. I’m sure you know that.”
“Eh, just a bit.” He winked.
“Well I’d love you to stay but I think you gotta go before Angel gets upset.”
“You’re right… well thanks for letting me talk for a while. I got no one else.” He nodded.
“No problem babe. Thank Angel on the way out too.”
Kyndal nodded and left.
Kyndal laid bored on Luke’s right leg. Asher was on his left leg and in between the two was Rory.
Kyndal, Rory and Asher were all strippers on their break. Luke was their boss. If you went up the narrow stairway in the strip club you would arrive at Luke’s “office.” It was more like a lounge. But only Luke’s favorites were allowed up.
Out of the one’s allowed up only one was Luke’s pet, his fuck buddy when he felt like it.
And that was Kyndal.
All of the strippers wanted to fuck him, the man was gorgeous. But only Kyndal got to.
No, they weren’t lovers, Kyndal wasn’t his slave.
Their relationship was strictly professional.
When Luke got horny while working he would call Kyndal up and they would get to it. Luke had always loved Kyndal’s masochism.
“Cigarette.” Luke grunted at which Kyndal held out his right arm. Luke pressed his lit cigarette to the arm, stubbing it out on the smooth skin. Kyndal hissed but smiled at the pain.
“That never gets less sexy.” Luke shook his head, grabbing his chin and pulling him in for a kiss.
The cigarette left a small burn mark. His whole arm was covered in them.
Rory spoke up, looking bored.
“We need a topic of conversation.” He nodded.
“Regular guys at the club.” Asher suggested.
“Alright.” Kyndal nodded. “Barry Brooks. What do you think about him?”
“He’s sexy… but scary. I think he’s a little too sadistic for me.” Rory nodded.
“Yeah little too rough.” Asher agreed.
“I’d love to fuck him. He has whips.” Kyndal grinned.
“Next… Trever.”
They all shuddered.
“Lets skip him.” Kyndal nodded. “He’s too insane even for me.”
“Um. Gabriel Johnson.” Rory offered. “Whatcha think of him guys?”
“I want me a piece of that.” Asher licked his lips.
Kyndal stayed quiet, looking away awkwardly.
“He could fuck me any day.” Rory agreed. “What say you Kitty?” Kitty was Kyndal’s nick name here at the club.
“Erm… I’ve had him before.” He shrugged.
Asher’s jaw dropped.
“Spill boy. Now. How come I don’t know this?”
“Yes do tell.” Rory grinned.
“I was his sex slave for a while.” He smirked, liking the attention he was getting.
“My god, that had to be amazing.” Rory gushed.
“How big is he?” Asher asked.
“Around nine inches.” Kyndal nodded.
“Luke’s ten.” Kyndal purred, stroking his boss’s crotch, something only he had permission to do.
Luke smirked and nodded.
“So got any pictures?” Rory asked.
Kyndal pulled out his cellphone and flipped through it, looking for some of Gabriel. Sure enough he had one of him completely naked. He showed them.
“Hot damn… think you can get him to fuck me?” Asher practically drooled over the picture.
“Nah, he’s in love now.” He nodded.
“No fair.”
“I know right?” Kyndal chuckled.
“Alright boys, break time over.” Luke nodded. “Cept Kyndal. You stay a minute.” Kyndal smirked as the other two pouted and left the room.
“Yes Luke?” He asked with a smile, reaching to slide of his thong which was all he was wearing.
“Nah, you can leave that on. Just your mouth will do for now.”
Kyndal nodded and got on his knees, sliding off Luke’s pants and eyeing the thick member he just loved to suck.
Twenty minutes later, Kyndal was still going, determined to make him cum. Luke was known for holding out during sexual activity and then releasing huge amounts of cum.
One more nip at his balls and Luke squirted some cum right in Kyndal’s eyes. It fucking burned. He then proceeded to move his cock up and down, getting cum all over Kyndal’s body.
Kyndal groaned, licking some of it up. Yum.
“Can I have a towel Luke?”
“Nope… you’ll be sexy covered in cum.”
“Nice point…” He nodded. “Thanks. Bye.” Kyndal jogged out the door and down the stairs, hopping on the stage to many cheers.
“Miss me?” He laughed at all of the men gathered in the small strip club.
There were lots of whistles and hollers when they saw the cum all over him.
“Sorry, got a little… busy up there.” He winked and wasted no time in beginning to dance up on the stage where Asher, Rory and a few others already were.
A few minutes later the front door opened. Kyndal looked up to see who it was and squealed, clapping giddily.
“ZAC! Get your ass up here!”
Zac McDaniels now, slowly made his way through the crowd, arms hugging himself.
“Don’t touch me, don’t touch me, don’t touch me.” He muttered at men. Someone smacked his ass. “Hands OFF the merchandise pal!”
Kyndal laughed and when Zac was close enough, he extended a hand and pulled him up on stage.
They talked in hushed whispers for a moment.
“You gonna strip?”
“No. I’m married Kyndal. You know this.”
“Well you gonna sing for me like you used to?”
“That’s what I came for if you want. Quincy’s ignoring me so I figured why not?” He shrugged.
“Oh yay, I always got more cheers with you helping.” He turned and called up to the man playing low music in the background.
“Hey, toss me a mic!” The man threw him one and he caught it, handing it over to Zac.
“Any of you remember me?” Zac asked with a smile. Before he’d met Quincy he used to come down here all the time. He wouldn’t strip, he just sang while the other strippers did their job.
There were a few yells and screams.
“So what song Zacky?”
“Hmm… Innocent High.” Zac grinned.
“Nice choice. Ya here that?!” He called up to the man again.
A few minutes later music started and Zac began.
“Today’s lesson plan is
How to give a rim job
Bury my face in my ass
And beat me til your cock throbs!” He grinned at Kyndal, grinding on the pole as he continued.
“Seesaw, seesaw
Slide my face up and down
On the desk
By the lockers
Fuck me on the playground.” His voice was cute and high, sweet sounding despite the words he was saying.
“I missed class for this
Now motherfucking
RAPE ME!” He screamed, jumping up and down.
“Take your clothes off!” A man shouted at Zac who laughed and shook his head.
“Teacher, teacher, teacher
I’ve been a dirty whore!
I want your nails on my back
Like nails on a chalkboard.” He took a breath to prepare for the next part. He had to sing it all in that screamo tone. He could do one line every once in a while but he needed to work on it.
NOW TAKE THAT PADDLE TO MY ASS!!!” He nodded proudly as he continued on.
“I’ve been a bad little boy
And I need to be punished
Will you slap me, tap me, pull my hair and make me scream ‘Uh!’?
A matter of fact
Will you jump me in attack?”
More screaming.
He paused as some man grabbed at his pant leg and tugged. Zac panicked, not knowing what to do. Kyndal rolled his eyes and thumped the guy in the head.
“No grabbing people on the stage. You know better Tom.” He scolded gently and went back to his pole.
“Teacher, Teacher
Fuck me like my preacher
Be so naughty
Do my body!
Like my dick in my pants
It‘s going up, up, up
Like your mouth on my shaft
It‘s going down, down, down.”
Zac kept singing until he finished.
He then did one single spin around Kyndal’s now cum covered pole, fully clothed. Just for the hell of it.
He laughed at the men whistling. He’d never felt just sexy. He wouldn’t like being ogled nude but this was nice… sort of.
Quincy was ignoring him since he found out about the Aaron thing and now he was getting so much attention from these men. It couldn’t make up for Quincy but it was something.
“Alright, Zacky and I are going to sit and talk for a while. Clear us a path to a table boys.” Kyndal commanded. His order was followed. He hopped off the stage, taking Zac’s hand and pulling him to a small table in the back corner.
They were surrounded by men, grabbing at them both. Kyndal didn’t mind but he knew Zac did.
“So Zac you have a HUSBAND right?” He knew this but he was hoping that would make the men stop.
Zac nodded.
It didn’t.
“Whats his name Zac?” Kyndal asked loudly. Zac responded even louder.
And the hands were off him immediately, the men running off, some muttering apologies.
Zac laughed.
“That never gets old. Its so fun.”
Kyndal grinned.
“So, how’ve you been Zac?”
“I’ve been better.” Zac shrugged.
“Ah, that why you came here? Stuff goin on at home?”
“Do tell.” Kyndal nodded at him.
“Well remember that time a while ago when I came to talk to you cause Quincy left and got back with Jen?”
“Indeed I do.”
“Well while he was gone, you know I was raped and all.”
“Mhmmm.” He hummed.
“Well after that, his oldest son who isn’t mine, Aaron was helping me feel better… he’s older than me.”
“Oh god Zac please tell me you didn’t fuck his son!!”
“I didn’t! He just… fingered me. Now, years later Quincy found out. He kicked Aaron out and he won’t speak to me.”
“Fingering? That’s nothing. I think he’s a pussy and needs to stop ignoring you before I hook you up with some guy here.” He nodded.
“No thank you.” Zac shook his head.
“Worth a try.” Kyndal shrugged. “Anyways, it was years ago, he left you, you were just raped, I don’t think he has a right to be pissed at you. Its his own dumb ass’s fault. He left you alone. He knows how weak you are. You got raped. God forbid you try to feel good after that. How were you supposed to know he was ever coming back?”
“Thank you.” Zac nodded. “I mean… I feel bad and I shouldn’t have done it. But it was just the heat of the moment.. Aaron was being so sweet… For a minute I even… like liked him. I’ve only told you that part, not even my momma… I feel awful for that. Maybe I should be punished…” He frowned.
“No Zacky, it was a long time ago and he should forgive you for it… if he was a good lover he would’ve been there to help you feel good after the rape. I repeat, its his own stupid fault.” He nodded.
“You have a point I guess… but he’s an amazing lover. Just letting you know. And he has a point too… I just want this to be over.” He sighed. “I feel bad cause it got Aaron kicked out though… he has to stay at my grandparents house. My grandfather fucking hates him so that should be fun.”
“Well here’s what you do. You act like you don’t give a fuck and could care less about Quincy ignoring you. Then occasionally when you get bored, you go out and spend some time with Aaron. Now by that, I do NOT mean fuck him or let him finger you or whatever. Just talk.” He chuckled.
Zac nodded.
“Thanks Kitty.” He pecked his cheek. “Imma go now. Buh bye.”
“Bye Zacky, come again soon!” He called as Zac walked out.
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