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Post by Gabriel Johnson on Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:42 am

WARNING!!!! Mikey DO NOT read this or look at the pics. It willupset you, I'm warning youuu <3

“Why do you sound like a girl?” The little boy asked Jamie.
“Cause I was made that way!!” Jamie stuck his tongue out.
“But WHY?”
Jamie slapped him. He was a feisty nine year old.
The boy began to cry.
“I’m telling my big brother on you!!”
“SNITCHES GET STICHES AND END UP IN DITCHES!!!!” Jamie screamed, sticking his tongue out.
The boy glared and disappeared. Minutes later some teenage boys returned, cracking their knuckles.
The little boy from earlier pointed at Jamie.
“He’s da one who hit me.”
They ran towards him. The young boy’s eyes widened and he ran away from them, cursing his big mouth.
He was young and faster. He got away but only for a minute. He found a larger boy his age standing by a huge tree. He hid behind it.
The big boy turned and frowned at him before realizing he was hiding. Soon, the teens made their way over to him.
“Hey, you seen a little shrimpy lookin kid? Short black hair? Weird eyes? Bout this tall? Talks real high pitched?”
That described Jamie perfectly. The eyes were a give away. Everyone always recognized him by his eyes. For whatever strange reason his eyes were a brilliant purple color.
But the boy lied.
“Yup, he went over there,” He pointed the opposite direction.
When the boys were gone he walked behind the tree to a crouching Jamie.
“I’m Daniel.” He held out a hand and helped Jamie up.
Jamie blinked up at him.
“Jamie… why…?”
“Why’d I help you? Cause you’re sorta cute and… they would’ve hurt you.” He nodded, kissing his cheek cutely.
“Oh well thank you…” Jamie beamed.
They were both nine…
They fell in love and dated each other all through high school. They won cutest couple in the yearbook, prom king and king, everything.
Now, they were eighteen and Jamie was heavily pregnant. Seven months.
It was also their wedding day.
Jamie couldn’t have been happier. He loved Daniel so much…
He adjusted his tux and crept to the room where his husband was getting ready. He was going to surprise him. But he stopped, just inside the door, when he heard voices. He quickly hid, crouching down behind a chair and listened.
“C’mon Kelsey one more time…”
“Dan… I dunno. Its your wedding day for god’s sake…” A girl said.
“So? We did it on prom night too… and the day dumbass let me take his virginity.”
“Daniel.. He’s so sweet. Why are you doing this..?”
“Look that’s just it. He’s too sweet. I got bored with Jamie four years ago. The day we started this…”
Jamie swallowed hard. What?
“Danny… I love you… I love this but Jamie doesn’t deserve to be cheated on… he’s having your goddamn child!”
Cheated on? What?
“Kelsey… come on… he’ll never find out.”
“Why are you marrying him if you don’t love him anymore?”
“Cause he wouldn’t shut up about it.” He rolled his eyes.
That was all he needed to hear. He stood up, tears filling his violet eyes.
“You asshole!” He lifted the chair and threw it as hard as he could at his now EX boyfriend.
“Baby! Jamie! Hey what are you doing here?”
“Fuck off! I hate you!” He cursed, nothing but obscenities leaving his mouth before running out.
He was so stupid. No… Daniel had shown no signs of cheating… then again maybe he had… Jamie had no clue.
“UGH!” He screamed to no one as he ran back to his own home. He didn’t share with Daniel yet. They’d been just getting ready to move in together. He ran in the house, trashing everything as tears poured down his pale cheeks.
He looked at himself in the mirror and grabbed his razor. He began hacking away at his long black hair angrily, just shaving random pieces away.
When he finished he looked in horror at what he had done.
He slipped on a hoodie and pulled it tight over his head, running off to the store. He got everything he needed and went back home. He died pieces of his hair a vibrant red and combed and snipped at it until it looked really nice.
He ran to the closet, tossing everything on the floor. Every piece of clothing or accessory he owned. He sat down with it and held his large stomach.
He began ripping up things, cutting off sleeves or cutting shirts so they now showed his stomach. He gave himself the wardrobe of your common whore, slut, skank, whatever you wanted to call it.
On every pair of pants he owned, he sewed a big cursive letter J on one pocket. He made sure to sew at least a small one on every single piece of clothing he owned. He stripped down and stood in front of the mirror. He grabbed a needle and shoved it through the skin on his navel, hissing lightly. He grabbed a piercing he had bought, a pink, cursive letter J. He flashed his sparkling white teeth in the mirror and laughed.
Perfect. He put on a shirt and walked out of the house with a smile on this time. He made his way onto the tattoo parlor and sat down.
When he came out, oh so many hours later he was covered in tattoos. The upper part of his chest, his arms, he even had one on the side of his face that was leopard print.
He walked back home and looked in the mirror again.
He wanted no one to recognize him anymore.
His purple eyes were always a giveaway. He grabbed the bag of things he’d bought. Inside it were tons more belly button piercings. A heart with devil horns, one that said BITCH, an alligator. Why an alligator you ask? Alligators symbolize aggression and survival. It also had an entire set of weird colored contacts. He licked his lips as he picked out bright yellow ones with slit like pupils, like a cats. He slipped them in, blinking at his new image in the mirror.
He needed a different name…
Jamie sounded lame.. Joslin. That was much better. He grinned at his new image in the mirror.
Joslin Cruz… no man would break his heart again…

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