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Post by Asher Reed on Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:15 am

Still not quite sure what was in that drink...

I'm guessing it was alcoholic;)

Some guy I fucked was a photographer, wanted some pictures

Dunno what the fuck was up with my hair but I'm sexy anyways

Zac told me I shouldn't be smoking. Rolling Eyes

My last birthday.

Spent the whole day out on some creek.

Zac and Kyndal are the only ones who bothered to spend the day with me...

We actually had some fun. I love those two.

Wow I look depressed here don't I?

All better. Smiling Smile

I I love you you Smile

Damn my depressed face againn

I look so sweet here, its disgusting.

My shower curtains are so girly xD

You know you want thiss Wink

Fuck youuu

Collapsed on stage. Some dude tried to pull me off. Ass.

Think this is too much for me?

Woah, can you say emo face?

Dont start thinking I'm all whiny and depressed. I zoned out looking at a bug on the floor Razz

Zac is getting annoying with his "smoking is bad" lectures.

The grass is so green... yes I know I'm random.

Died my hair black for a little bit...

Like it? I think its okay... *shrug*

I look like such a ditz in this hehe Smile

No commentt...

Wish this was more true.

Yes I'm really doing that, I know its childish but its still fun

I'm recording you!

Zac and Kyndal dared me to kiss a girl. Ew

With Blake, random fuck. He was pretty sweet

Zach. My longest relationship. Notice the h. Not Zac McGuire. I would never be with him *shudder*

He stayed a whole week before leaving....

With Joslin. I absolutely adore that boy.

Another boy I adore. Zac Evan McGuire. <3

My bestest friend ever, Kyndal Leo Paxton <333
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