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Well, anyone who knows me well knows that its like impossible for me to finish a fic. But tonight I have written two just for MY Mikey's birthday!!
Here they are. The first one is based off of Mikey's fic she posted on here "Like We Never Loved At All.."
Rick sat on the couch, staring blankly at the wall as Sydney crawled onto his lap.
Kevin and he had gone their separate ways, both agreeing that it was better this way… Rick couldn’t handle the stress of Kevin’s problems…
Sydney had died so Rick was back with her. But it wasn’t the same….
Zac had had a huge fit, wanting to stay with Kevin but Rick and Sydney insisted that he come live with them. They were his biological parents. In an hour it was time for a gettogether at Mike’s place… his old home… He was dreading going..
He was brought out of his thoughts by a hand tugging on his cock.
He jumped about a foot in the air, not even noticing that Sydney had undressed him.
“Syd, not now…” He muttered, gently shoving her away.
“You’ve been putting it off since we got back together. What’s the deal?” She folded her arms.
Rick had been putting it off. He refused to make love, or fuck her since they’d been back together. Not once had they fucked yet… He couldn’t do that… he wanted Kevin…
“Sydney, I told you. It’s just not the right moment.”
“It’s NEVER the write moment damnit!” She exclaimed.
“Sydney it will be okay? Just not now…”
“Whatever. I can’t even suck you off?”
“If you must…”
She rolled her eyes as she knelt down and wrapped her lips around the head of his lengthy member..
Rick groaned lightly. Of course it felt good but it wasn’t the same as Kevin….that teasing tongue, licking him like a lollipop… touching all the right places.
“God, Kev…” He moaned, rolling his hips.
Sydney pulled back, glaring.
“WHAT did you just call me?”
“Syd. I always call you Syd.” Rick covered quickly.
“Good, because I KNOW you didn’t just call me that fucking sickly bastard.”
Without thinking, Rick slapped her across the face. Not as hard as he could have but hard enough to leave a light handprint.
“Don’t talk about him like that.” He snarled.
There was a time when Rick would never have laid a hand on Sydney… but he didn’t love her like that anymore… the only person he would never hurt was Kevin…
But he had.
He had broken Kevin’s heart…
Sydney grumbled, eyes tearing up as she roughly pulled Rick’s pants back on, darting off to the bathroom.
Rick sighed, dragging a hand across his face. He hadn’t meant to hit her…
A few minutes later, she returned, ice pack held against her cheek. Being her usual, dramatic self… Her cheek was barely even red anymore.
“Sydney, I’m sorry baby…”
And that was all it took for her to be nuzzling his neck again, arms around him.
“Zacky baby it’s time to go to memaw’s!” She chirped up at Zac.
“Don’t call me baby, BITCH!” Zac screamed. “I’m not fucking going!”
“Oh yes you are, come down here!” Rick said
“Imma spank it in a minute.”
“You call her mother Zachary!”
Sydney whimpered, looking at her feet.
“Baby its fine. He’ll come around…”
He wouldn’t.
Zac stormed down the stairs and out the door.
They followed, Rick shaking his head.
They walked in the door, Rick’s arm protectively around Sydney’s waist. Rick was met by the sight of Kevin in Levi’s lap and he felt as if he might barf…
This would be a LONG night…
Okay, this one is super suckish. I hate it but... *shrug*
The second is a song fic I'd been wanting to write. Mikey told me one of her fave pairings was Chris/Dustin so that made me actually write it. The song is One Hot Mama - Trace Adkins
You're doin' all you can to get in them old jeans.
You want that body back, you had at seventeen.

Chris was standing in front of the body length mirror, hopping up and down, his fingers wrapped tightly in the belt loops of the faded old blue jeans. They were his size… or so he thought. But no, after having Lance he had in fact gained a few pounds although Dustin repeatedly denied it. He was trying all sorts of different maneuvers just to get the pants up. But they simply would not cooperate.

Baby, don't get down; don't worry 'bout a thing.
'Cause the way you fill 'em out, hey, that's all right with me.
I don't want the girl you used to be.

Dustin was lying on the bed, arms folded behind his head, watching Chris with an amused smirk.
Chris gave a triumphant “AHA!” as he finally pulled up the pants. However they clung to every inch of his ass, thighs and calves.
“Goddamnit…” He muttered. He was so fat… “I’m so fat and just, ugh. Nasty.”
Dustin stood, winding his arms around Chris’s waist.
“Hey now, don’t you be talkin’ bout my baby like that.” He smiled at Chris in the mirror. “Chrissy, I ain’t gonna lie. You’ve put on a couple pounds but you’re still sexy as ever to me.”
Chris simply frowned, poking a small bulge on his tummy.
“Baby, I don’t want that….” He didn’t want to say whore but he couldn’t think of another word. “Hell, I don’t want the whore you were in high school. I want MY Chrissy. My sweet baby.”

An' if you ain't noticed, the kids are fast asleep…

Chris sighed softly. They hadn’t made love in forever and he felt like he didn’t turn Dustin on anymore, he was so gross…
“Baby, you’ll always be sexy to me.” Dustin reassured. “And y’know, Lance is sound asleep….”

An' you're one hot mama;
You turn me on, let's turn it up,
An' turn this room into a sauna.
One hot mama,
Oh, whaddya say, baby?
You wanna?

“And Chrissy, you’re one hot momma. Whaddya say we.. Heat things up in here? Like before we had a baby?” He smirked, hands making their way to Chris’s jeans that he’d just gotten up.

Well, I know sometimes you think that all you really are,
Is the woman with the kids an' the groceries in the car.
An' you worry about your hips an' you worry about your age.
Meanwhile I'm tryin' to catch the breath you take away.
Oh, an' believe me, you still do.

“Dustin, don’t do this just to make me feel better… I’m getting fat… I’m just the girl you keep around because I take care of Lance…” Chris sighed, shaking his head.
“Chris McDaniels, don’t you say that. You are so, so much more than just my baby’s mommy. Every time I look at you… I’m breathless Chrissy. You still take my breath away. The way you speak, with just a hint of my southern drawl brushin off on ya. The way you look at me with those big brown eyes, jus’ like I’m the only thing ya can see. When I see you playin’ with Lance it’s just the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen… I love how quick you can go from my little sex kitten, dancin’ for me to the picture perfect mommy, playin’ peek-a-boo with our baby.” He smiled softly, caressing Chris’s cheek. “And baby, you are one hot momma. So whaddya say baby? Ya wanna?” He tugged on Chris’s pants.
Chris couldn’t help but grin as he pushed Dustin on the bed, shucking off both of their clothes.

Baby, all I see, when I look at you,

Is one hot mama;
You turn me on, let's turn it up,
An' turn this room into a sauna.
One hot mama,
Oh, whaddya say, baby?
You wanna?

Soon, Dustin was lying there, naked while Chris straddled his waist, also fully undressed.
Chris wore a Cheshire grin that Dustin hadn’t seen in forever…
Chris trailed kisses down Dustin’s chest until he reached his lover’s thick cock.
He licked his lips, eyeing it hungrily. He pecked the head, coating his lips in precum.
“Mmm, Dustin, you always taste so fucking good…” Chris purred sinfully as he licked up the side, swirling his tongue in a circle around the tip.
He took the head of the now erect member in his mouth as he listened to Dustin’s small grunts above him. He slid the erection farther in his mouth until it hit the back of his throat. He hummed around it, sending vibrations throughout Dustin’s cock.
“Oh… Chris..” Dustin groaned, head falling back against the pillow.
Chris purred, that sound was music to his ears. He never tired of hearing it.

I can't imagine me lovin' someone else.
I'm a lucky man,
I think Daddy's got himself,

One hot mama;

“Oh god, Chris.. I can’t imagine anyone else doing this to me anymore…” Even Mike’s mouth was nothing compared to this… and he loved knowing he was the only one to ever experience Chris’s secret talent. He was a lucky man.
This only made Chris happier. He began bobbing his head on the large piece of meat, turning off his gag reflex. As always when he got into it, Dustin’s cock got a mind of its own, wriggling around so Chris had to literally catch it. He loved the little game. The only sounds in the room were Dustin’s groans, grunts and moans of pleasure and the plopping, wet sounds of Chris’s mouth going to town on Dustin’s dick.
“Oh! OH! Chris, I ain’t gonna last ya…” Dustin exclaimed, stroking Chris’s hair as if he was a pet.
Chris reluctantly pulled back with one final slurp.
Dustin let out a shaky moan.

You turn me on, let's turn it up,
An' turn this room into a sauna.
One hot mama,
Oh, whaddya say, babe?
Oh, now whaddya say, babe?
You wanna?

“You know, Dustin… since you’re so southern… I’ve been wanting to see if I could be a cowgirl..” Chris hinted with lust filled eyes.
“You can try that out any time Chris…” He smirked.
Without further prepping, Chris moved up, aligning Dustin’s cock with his hole.
“Chri-!” Dustin was about to protest but before he could say anything, Chris had plopped himself down on Dustin’s erection, only his spit as a lubricant. “Chrissy! You’re not prepped!”
Chris nodded, grimacing a bit in pain.
“Goddamn you’re big….”
“I know, but damnit, ya shoulda let me prep you…”
“That takes too much time.” Chris shrugged.
Dustin chuckled lightly, massaging Chris’s hips.
“Well you take as long as you need. Move when you’re ready.”
Chris nodded and only minutes later, he bounced on Dustin’s cock.
“Ohhh!” Chris’s voice vibrated as he bounced up and down, impaling himself on Dustin’s huge, throbbing dick.
“Oh Chris!” Dustin gripped Chris’s hips, slamming him down faster and faster, harder.
“OH FUCK!” Chris screamed loudly as Dustin stabbed his prostate. He panted heavily as he needingly slammed down again and again. He needed to feel that burst of white hot pleasure coursing through him, over and over, with every single thrust.
“Aw hell!” Dustin threw his head back, slamming against the headboard but he was in too much pleasure to feel the tiny bit of pain.
“Need to move faster!” Chris panted heavily.
Dustin grinned, but he was a huge tease and Chris knew this by now. He gripped Chris’s hips firmly and held him down on his cock as deep as it could go, resting the tip against his prostate, grinding it back and forth there.
Chris was whimpering from the pure pleasure.
“Dustin!” He cried out, trying to pry Dustin’s hands off of his hips so he could move again. But Dustin wasn’t budging.
Chris couldn’t take this. He could feel Dustin’s huge girth, just pulsating inside him against the sweet bundle of fuck buried deep in his ass.
“Dustin, oh fuck, Dustin PLEASE!” He was biting down on his lower lip, tossing his head back and forth, rocking as much as possible while being held in place.
Dustin couldn’t stand the begging. He let go and Chris was off as soon as he did, practically hopping on the thick member. They continued this pace, fast, hard and rough. Just how Chris liked it…
“Touch me!” Chris pleaded loudly. Dustin’s hand made its way to Chris’s cock, jerking it gruffly in time with Chris’s erratic bounces.
“Oh, oh, oh, oh oh, OH!” Chris screamed as he came hard, walls spasming around Dustin’s cock. His cum splattered all over Dustin’s abdomen.
Dustin couldn’t take the erotic sight, or the feel of Chris’s walls clamping down on him. He came with the same force, filling Chris to the brim with his hot seed.
As always, Dustin swept a hand across his abs, scooping up all the cum and then licked it off. He lapped up Chris’s cum every time they made love. Chris collapsed on Dustin’s chest, his legs now numb.
“Damn… you are one hot momma…” Dustin shook his head as he pressed their lips together.

You're one hot mama,
Let's turn this room into a sauna, yeah.
Whaddya say, babe?
Whaddya say, babe?
This one actually turned out pretty well I think Smile For some reason the smut was easier to write Smile My Dustin sucked so Mikey, don't kill meh for ruining him hehehe Razz

Now here ish a pic to go with each of the fics!

Now, I was gonna write a Brayden/Angel fic but I think I'd ruin Angel, like horribly so I just made a pic. Which is stil suckish btw Razz

I hope you like your shitty gifts Mikey!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU!!!! Very Happy
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