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How It Started...

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How It Started... Empty How It Started...

Post by Asher Reed on Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:48 pm

Devin grinned as Jayden threw him the ball. However he missed it and it fell on the ground.
"Aww bubba I mished." He pouted with a giggle at his older brother.
Jayden smiled at him.
"Itsh otay!"
Devin waddled over to where it had fallen and reached for it only to have a much larger pair of hands pick it up.
He frowned and whined before looking up and grinning at his stepfather, Mike.
"Daddy Mikey!" He reached for him.
Mike acted as if he wasn't there and smiled at Jayden.
"Jay baby remember we were gonna play ball later?"
"Oh yeah!" Jayden grinned. Mike lifted him and walked off.
"Wait for mwe!" Devin beamed and ran after them. His tiny legs struggled to keep up with Mike's long ones. He quickly lost his breath and stopped to catch it.
"Daddy Mikey, wait!" He called out. He was ignored.
Eventually he made his way to the backyard where Mike was playing catch with Jayden, Jr and Jude and Austin who had come over today.
"Oh tan I pway!?" He asked with a smile.
"Yeah!" Jayden nodded happily.
"No, Jay baby we already have too many players." Mike said, his gaze hard on Devin.
"O-oh... otay..." Devin hung his head and sat on the grass, watching Mike play and have fun with all the other children.
He wanted to play...
His lower lip trembled as he watched them.
A few minutes later, Alex walked outside. He frowned when he saw Devin sitting alone.
"Baby whats the matter?"
"I wanna pway catch." He sniffled softly.
"Oh baby you can. C'mon lets go." He took his son's tiny hand and walked him over to Mike and the other children.
"Mikey baby, can Dev play?"
Mike gave him a look.
"No, I just told him that. Don't you listen?" He snapped at Devin.
Devin looked down at his feet.
"Mikey... why can't he?" Alex frowned deeply.
"Because we have too many people already. Plus he sucks at this game. He always drops it."
"I-I'm sowwy." Devin said quietly.
"Mike plea-"
"Alex." Mike folded his arms.
"Devy baby why don't we go and play out front?"
"N-no its otay mwomma..." He wanted to play with his friends...
Alex carried him inside and hugged him tight.
"Mwomma... why don't daddy Mikey wike me?"
"He does like you sweetness..."
"Nuh uh..." Devin whimpered lightly, his eyes watery.
Alex sighed and held him close, cooing until he went to bed.

*Nine years later*
Devin was now thirteen. He was at a friend's party. He sat at the "bar" they had set up, it wasn't really a bar. There were only non alcoholic drinks but thats what they'd called it. Devin had tried not to care how Mike was to him but it was so hard...
Every chance he got he mentioned something he couldn't do right. Devin had started thinking maybe there was nothing he was good at... no one liked him...
And this was when a boy approached him. He was gorgeous. Older than most of the others at the party. He was seventeen. Devin was twelve.
"Hey... your names Devin right?" He flashed him a smile.
"Yeah... you are... Jason right?"
"Thats me." He nodded. "So um... I just came over here cause I thought you were really cute..."
"Really?" Devin blinked at him.
"Yeah." He giggled. "And my one friend said you were a really good kisser."
He'd just had his first kiss last week.
"Oh?" Him, good at something? It was laughable. He was horrible at everything... at least thats what he was made to believe...
"Yes and um.. I was wondering if you'd kiss me? I got permission from Ryan to use the bedroom for some privacy." He asked with a smile. Ryan was the boy having the party.
"Oh yeah... course..." He smiled innocently at the boy and held his hand. He took Devin to the bedroom. Jason sat on the edge of the bed. Devin sat down beside him awkwardly.
He turned to look at Jason and tentatively wrapped his arms around his neck. He leaned in and pressed their lips together firmly.
Jason smiled into the kiss. They stayed like this for a few minutes before Devin felt two soft hands tugging at his belt. Soon, his belt was off and his pants were being undone.
He pulled back, eyes wide.
"What are you doing Jason?"
"What does it look like I'm doing?" Jason raised an eyebrow. "What? Have you never done this before?" He wore an amused smirk.
"No! i have! I just... didn't know you wanted to."
"Didn't you know that when I took you to the bedroom?" He gave him a look that said "Duh!"
"Oh... well no but we can..."
Jason nodded and went back to work, tugging off Devin's pants. Devin wasn't sure what to do so he just undressed Jason as well.
"You are a really good kisser... I have an idea at something else you might be good at."
"What?" Devin asked.
"Rimming. You know what that is?"
"I've heard of it but i've never done it."
"Oh... well you should try it out on me. I love it." He grinned.
"Okay... well get on your knees."
"If you need any help I'll give you some pointers." Jason nodded and did as he was told.
Devin chewed his lower lip as he eyed Jason's firm ass.
"Well just stick your tongue in there." Jason rolled his eyes at the nervous boy.
Devin's eyes narrowed. He hated being made feel dumb. He took a deep breath and plunged his tongue into Jason's ass crack. Jason yelped loudly.
Devin had a determined look on his face as he explored Jason's ass with his tongue.
"Oh god!"
Yes, Devin was good at this. A natural. Just like his father. His tongue was talented.
Devin grinned. He loved feeling so good at this...
He tried something new and began thrusting his tongue in and out of the tight heat.
Oh god he loved the taste of this...
His eyes were lit up with excitement. This was so new to him and he adored it...
It wasn't long before Jason came hard, withering in pleasure.
"Oh Devin that was amazing..."
"It was." Devin grinned. "You still up for sex?" His attitude had changed so quickly...
"Hell yes."

An hour later they both emerged from the bedroom, both glowing.
"Oh damn Devin that was really amazing..."
"Yeah." Devin nodded. In truth, it hadn't been as great as he'd been expecting it to be. Jason wasn't tight at all.
"You're the best I ever had, know that?"
"You're really good at that... I came three times. Thats the most I've ever came in one night." He smiled.
Devin looked so proud.

Finally... something he was good at... he'd show Mike... he was great in bed. He could do something right...
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