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My Things.... Part 2

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My Things.... Part 2 Empty My Things.... Part 2

Post by Asher Reed on Tue Jun 14, 2011 2:52 pm

Just more of my unfinished things <3

Zac leaned back on Mark, nuzzling his neck as Kevin watched, shaking his head.
Quincy hadn’t wanted Zac with a monster so they’d broken up. It was killing them both but they did excellent jobs of hiding it… Zac had been weepy for a while before he met Mark. Mark was just a year or two older than him. And by every teen girl or gay guy you met he was HOT. He was also a singer and they’d started singing together. It really was fun. Took Zac’s mind off Quincy. They’d started dating but Zac refused to kiss or fuck him… that was Quincy’s…
The new, brown eyed boy had gotten everyone in the family to accept and love him except Kevin and of course some of the octuplets... Of course Kevin was civil but he still wanted his baby with Quincy. Colbie was her normal bitchy self to Mark, Hayden showed an obvious dislike for him and was quick to snap off at him, very unlike himself.
Zac giggled as Mark tickled his ribcage.
“Quit it.” He squealed.
“Nope!” Mark winked, kissing up his neck as he tickled. Kevin stood and left the room. Zac sighed.
“Momma…” No answer.
Mark frowned.
“I don’t think your momma likes me too much.”
“Nah, I’m sure you’re growing on him.”
“No lying Zaccy.”
“Don’t call me Zaccy, Marky.” He stuck his tongue out.
Mark chuckled, leaning in, lips puckered slightly for a kiss. Zac turned his head ever so slightly so Mark kissed the corner of his mouth, near his jaw.
Mark sighed, shaking his head.
“You ever gonna kiss me?”
“Really? Silence?”
“I’m sorry Mark… I really am…” He looked away.
“I know you are baby… why though? Why can’t I kiss you?”
“Because… my last lover was my first kiss. I’ve never kissed anyone but him and that was special…”
Mark sighed, shaking his head.
“So I’m never gonna kiss you?”
“Maybe someday… when I’m over him.” But he never would be completely over Quincy…
“Okay baby.” Mark sighed but nodded and went back to his normal, smiling self. He tackled Zac on the floor, earning a squeal.
“Mark!” He whined playfully as Mark nipped at his neck. This was fine with Zac. They could do anything except kiss or fuck. That was off limits.
Mark stripped him, grinning as he bit his shoulder and sucked on his nipples. Zac gave him small meows and moans of approval as he tugged on Mark’s belt.
Mark raised an eyebrow but took it off, tossing it to a random corner of the room. Zac grinned as he stood Mark up and got on his knees in front of him, tugging his pants and boxers down, around his ankles, licking his lips as he glanced the large member. Not nearly as big as Quincy but it would do.

“Fuck, fuck FUCK… what am I doing?!” I exclaimed to myself as I pressed my lips to Lane’s. “Oh god! STOP!” I protested in my mind as my hand slid down his pants. But I loved this. I wanted this. I needed this and there was no stopping me….

Kay, guess I got some explaining to do huh? You’re wondering why I’m kissing Lane McCormick? Oh… wait, first, you’re probably wondering who I am. Guess I haven’t said my name yet. Well, I’ll show ya the next part of my story. It’ll probably clear up your confusion…

“Oh… Sydney…” Lane panted as a worn calloused hand slid up my bra.

Yupp, there ya have it. I’m Sydney Riley. FORMER lover of Rick McGuire. So NOW you’re wondering why the hell Lane and I are getting down and dirty. Well, can’t a girl have fun? Lane’s always been sweet to me. Daddy left him. Rick left me. Two broken hearts, alone, looking for love. They were going to find each other eventually right? Sure it’s a bit weird I guess… he acted as my stepfather for a while… I’d called him daddy sometimes. We’d argued, he’d popped me across the ass when I acted up as a kid sometimes. It’s strange but…. Nice. It just feels right. Almost as good as being with Rick. Anyways, guess I should start from the beginning… here’s my story.
The snow was knee deep all over. The first snow of the year. It was freezing outside and yet Sydney was out trudging in the snow. She couldn’t bare to stay in the house Rick had left her. She’d been sort of homeless since he’d left. And now it was winter. And she was freezing to death. Her lips were blue as she shuddered in the cold, teeth chattering.
“Sydney?” A voice called from not too far away.
Her head snapped around, face lighting up at the familiar man.
“Critter!” She ran to him and practically tackled him in a hug.
He chuckled.
“Yeah sweety its me. Why the hell are you out here in a t-shirt and jeans?”
“D-don’t h-have anything w-with m-me…” She shook with cold.
“Hun, why don’t you come on home with me? I got hot coco and you got some talking to do. C’mon.” He hoisted her up bridal style and back to his house. He grabbed one of his large winter coats and wrapped it around her. He set her on the couch and tucked her in with a nice warm blanket. In many ways she was like his own child. He loved her.
“I’m s-sorry Critter. If I c-can just w-warm up I’ll g-go.”
“No way in hell child, you’re going to catch something out there.” He shook his head, pouring her some of the hot chocolate he had already made for himself. Her fingers were almost blue so he held the glass to her lips.
“Drink.” He commanded, tilting it.
She obeyed immediately, greedily gulping it all down. Her lips slowly turned back to their usual perky pink color.
Lane grinned softly at her, something he didn’t do often since Alex went back to Mike.
“Nother glass?”
He smirked, giving her glass after glass until it was gone and she was warm.
“Thank you Lane.” She smiled sheepishly, tossing the blanket off of herself and standing.
“Y’know how you can repay me?”
“How?” She raised an eyebrow.
“Come help me clean out the attic.” He smirked.
“Aren’t there like… spiders up there?” She wrinkled her nose.
“Yes and monsters. Come on.” He rolled his eyes, taking her hand and opening a door in the ceiling. He lifted her and hoisted her up through it, then climbing in himself.
“It’s dark!” She squealed.
Lane rolled his eyes.
“And if you don’t be quiet all the spiders up here are gonna eat you.”
“I’m coming back down.” She spun around but he jabbed her in the ribs causing her to squeal again.
“That tickles!”
“Then stay up here and I won’t do it.” He smirked simply.
“I don’t like you anymore.”
“Maybe I’ll toss you back out in the snow.” He winked as he flicked on the light. “Start going through boxes. Sort out junk.”
She nodded and plopped down, reluctantly opening a box and sorting through it.
Hours passed in silence before Lane grinned.
“Lookie what I found.” He smirked. Sydney turned around and smiled at the large sled he was holding.
“I remember when I was little… seven. You took me and Alex Jr out to play in the snow… took us to the biggest hill and said the sled was big enough for me and my brother to go down together… but he was too scared. Said he didn’t wanna go. So then you told me to go alone. I refused. You went down with me.” She grinned. “Looks like you’re always saving me.” She poked his cheek.
“What do ya say we go take another ride on it?” He smiled lightly, pointing out the window to a large snow covered hill.
“I’m up for it if you are.” She said, genuine smile gracing her lips for the first time in ages.
“Then let’s go.” He hopped down, out of the door they’d came. “Jump. I’ll catch you.”
She tentatively jumped, eyes clenched shut as she jumped down. Lane caught her like he had promised.
“Let’s get dressed so ya don’t freeze out there.” He walked off and found some of Sarah’s old winter clothes for her to dress in. He handed them to her and left her alone to change.
“I’m changing now!” She sang. “So eyes away ya old perv!”
“Syd as tempting as that is I’m pretty sure your father would murder me.” Lane chuckled.
“Probably right but still!” She giggled as she came out fully dressed in warm clothing. Lane wore a large coat but that was it other than his t-shirt and sweatpants. He put on his boots and handed her a pair of Cameron’s.
“So you miss her?” Sydney hummed as they walked outside, Lane lugging the big sled behind him.
“Very much. But I’m used to being alone I guess…”
“Same here.”
“What about Carrie?”
“State took her away again. Apparently I can’t look after a child without a lover.” She shrugged with a sigh. She wanted her baby.
“Must be tough baby. I couldn’t imagine if someone had taken Cameron from me….”
“It is, so let’s stop talking about it.” She sighed. He nodded and walked ahead. She grinned and scooped up a ball of snow, chucking it at the back of his neck. It hit it’s target, smacking the bare part of his neck, not covered by a scarf.
“Oh hell no, I know you did not just throw a snowball at me!” Lane exclaimed.
“I think I did. And what you gonna do bout it old man?”
“That a challenge?”
“You want it to be?”
He responded with a snowball, hitting her square in the face.
She hit him in the chest with one, running off, giggling.
“You can run but you can’t hide!” He called, chasing after her. They continued their fight as she ran. The sled lie on the ground in front of the house. Soon, Lane caught up to her and tackled her to the ground.
“I WIN! Who’s old now?!”
“Still you Critter.” She smirked.
“You’re just plain mean now.” He pouted mockingly.
“Aw, did I hurt poor gramp’s feelings?” She giggled.
“You smartass.” He muttered.
“Come on! Sled time!”
“No, I’m too old to sled remember?” He stuck his tongue out.
“Aww, but I refuse to go by myself. You gotta hold me like last time.” She smiled.
“Oh fine, but only cause I love ya.” He smirked as he carried her in one arm, the sled in the other to the top of the largest hill.
He sat the sled down and plopped on it, spreading his legs and patting where she should sit in between them. She sat down, leaning her head on his chest. She was so close she could hear his heart beating…
He wrapped his strong arms around her tiny waist and rested his chin on her shoulder.
“Ready baby girl?” He whispered just like when she was young. She smiled softly.
“Yupp!” She replied, just as giddy as the first time.
He chuckled at her before kicking the ground and setting them off down the hill.
Their noises were a mixture of screams and hysteric laughter as they came flying down the hill.
“We’re gonna hit that rock!” She exclaimed. And sure enough, seconds later their sled hit the rock, sending them flying into the snow.
All was silent for a moment before they burst out laughing again.
“You can’t steer the sled for shit!” Sydney panted out, the wind had been knocked out of her.
“You were in front, it was your job to navigate!” He pointed out.
“You irk me.”
“The feelings are mutual.” They both stood, grinning as they stood face to face.
“Oh… honey you’re bleeding…” Lane frowned deeply as he brushed the hair from her face. She’d hit her head off the rock.
It seemed as if everything stopped. Every noise within two miles. All the two of them could hear was the other’s breath…
Lane’s was heavy, washing over Sydney’s face. You could see it in the air as his hand rested lightly on the back of her neck.
The next moment seemed to happen in slow motion. He leaned down as she rose up. No one person made the move. They both did. They did this until their lips met. When they did, a shock ran through them both. They quickly pulled back but said nothing. They paused in silence before moving back in and kissing again. And again. And again….
They gave small repeated pecks over and over until it was a full on makeout session.
His hands were all over her. Most girls would feel dirty with the way he was touching them but not her. She was touching him just the same. Without words he lifted her bridal style. With their lips still together, he walked her back into the house. He carried her to his bedroom, laying her down and crawling on top of her. They were both snow covered and freezing cold but oh well. If things went how Lane thought they would, clothes weren’t needed anyways… His hand went for Sydney’s shirt, tearing it off, waiting for her to protest.
She didn’t. She simply smirked up at him as she guided her clothing off. She helped him take her clothing off until she was in only her bra and panties. He wet his lips as he looked her over.
“Sydney, when did you get so sexy?” He asked as if it was an honest question. And to him it was. How did she go from innocent little Sydney he’d taken care of. He’d bathed Sydney when she was little without feeling a thing. And now he couldn’t go sledding with her without needing her in his bed.
“I dunno. Few years ago.” She smirked, propping herself up on her elbows, hair fanning out across her back.
“And who bought this…?” He hummed, rubbing her hip bones, covered slightly by the lacey red lingerie. “I’m enjoying it. Red is your color.”
She smiled up at him.
“Now your turn to be stripped…” She reached up, ripping open his shirt.
“You’re lucky I don’t like this one.” He nodded as he took the ripped shirt off of himself.
“I figured not.” She nodded, still smirking as she reached for his pants, tugging them down his large thighs to his ankles. He kicked them off, once again pouncing on her.
She giggled as his lips bit and nipped skin all over her. She toyed with his boxers as he slid two fingers into the thin fabric that separated him from her sex. She moaned as he massaged her clit with his skilled fingers.
“So… you know your father is going to kill me if we go any further right?”
“Pretty sure.” She nodded with a smirk. “But no way in hell are you stopping now.”
“Couldn’t even if I wanted to.” He smirked as he pressed their lips together once more.
He reached up and around to undo the snaps of her bra, slipping her arms gently out of the straps. He let out a small grunt of approval when her perky breasts were revealed to him. He tossed the bra to the side, and placed a hand on each of her breasts, kneading them softly.
“Ohhhh…” She moaned loudly, throwing her head back on the pillow. She tugged down his boxers, biting her lip as she saw the huge member, dripping with precum.


Lance jogged down the stairs when he smelled his mother making breakfast. Last night, he had finally made love with Riley and he was loving it. He was practically glowing today.
Of course Riley had to go home but he was coming back, of that Lance was certain.
“Whatcha makin’ momma?” He chirped.
“Y’know, usual. Bacon, eggs, pancakes. Gotta make a ton to feed your fat ass father!” He said the last sentence loudly.
“Ah heard that!” Dustin exclaimed from the other room.
“Good!” Chris rolled his eyes.
“Ya know what? I ain’t fuckin’ you later! Imma jerk off and you can’t even watch my sexy!”
“Dustin our child is right beside me!”
“So? You know it turns him on too!”
Chris rolled his eyes as Lance giggled.
“Plus, I ain’t the one with the baby fat, Chrissy.”
“Screw you McDaniels!”
Lance chuckled, shaking his head.
“Dustin, I need more eggs, go molest your chickens or some shit.” Chris ordered.
Dustin rolled his eyes as he popped into the kitchen, in his black tank top, faded jeans and cowboy hat.
“Gimme a kiss, its all your gettin’ today. I wasn’t kidding bout the no sex thing.” He nodded. “Naggy house wife.” He muttered as an afterthought.
“Eh, I’ll get you to crack later. Now shoo.” He pecked his lips. Dustin pouted.
“Now that was NOT a kiss. THIS is a kiss.” He swept Chris off his feet, smashing their lips together passionately.
When he pulled back and stood Chris up, he stumbled.
“Bye!” He jogged out the door.
“Sexy fuckin cowboy…” Chris shook his head as he watched his fiance.
Lance smirked at them.
“You two are so… in love but its not all gushy like a chick flick…. It’s… real.” He smiled.
That was a great way to describe Chris and Dustin’s relationship. It wasn’t some storybook, fairytale romance. It wasn’t cute and perfect like Mike and Alex or Kevin and Rick.
It was real.
They fought, they yelled, they screamed, they bickered like normal married couples. They weren’t perfect, they represented a normal married couple. Chris, the nagging wife. Dustin, the antagonizing husband.
They got on each other’s nerves, drove the other insane… They fucked until early hours of the morning….they made perverted jokes about each other, causing the kids to groan and squeal… they insulted the other. Chris called Dustin a hick or redneck on a daily basis, just as Dustin called Chris a fatass watermelon eater. But they loved each other and they wouldn’t have it any other way.
“I know we are. And your father is an ass…” Chris hummed, yawning.
“You tired momma?”
“Yupp, I was woke up late last night….”
“Well, it ain’t exactly easy to sleep when all you hear is squeaky bed springs creaking and ‘OH! Lance! Baby so good!’ and ‘RILEY! Fuck! Harder!” He hummed, smirking as he made Lance a plate of food. He wasn’t thinking Riley was the same Riley who was his nephew…
Lance’s eyes widened and his cheeks turned a bright red.
“Oh… I’m sorry….”
“Don’t be sorry sweety. I was a teenager too once. I fucked people y’know. That’s the only reason I didn’t barge in there. Lucky your daddy didn’t hear ya though. He’d have been in there in seconds.”


Gabriel tied Kyndal’s leash to the bar and stood up.
“Stay. I’m going to the bathroom.” He commanded and walked off. Kyndal immediately began gnawing at his leash. He needed to escape. Fast. One of the normal men at the bar saw him. He walked over and untied him.
“Thank you!” Kyndal exclaimed, hugging the man around the legs.
However, this happened just as Gabriel came back from the bathroom…
“What the fuck are you doing bitch?!” He snarled
Kyndal’s eyes were wide. No. He had to go and fast!
He stood up and ran for the door, knowing if he was caught he was dead.
His heart sank when he felt the large hand grab his neck. And the next thing he knew he was being thrown down the bar. Gabriel just threw him like he was a rag doll.
He whimpered as he landed on the floor, shattered glass around him. Next, he was being drug by his arm, out of the bar.
He drug him back to their home and threw him on the bed, shredding his clothes.
Kyndal flinched, terrified of what Gabriel would do to him now…
“I’m sorry master. Please master Gabriel. I will be good…” He whispered shakily.
“Oh fuck no. You’re going to be punished bitch.” He pulled out a large butcher knife.
“No! Master please!” Tears filled his eyes.
Gabriel shook his head.
“You need punished bitch.” He slid Kyndal’s ass cheeks apart and slid the knife inside him, inch by unbearably painful inch.
Kyndal’s screams rang through the house.
He was thirteen years old. He hated this…
Gabriel began thrusting the knife in and out of his tight ass ruthlessly. Tears poured down his cheeks.
“PLEASE!!!!! STOP! PLEASE!” He cried out, covering his face and sobbing.
“No.” Gabriel hissed and only got rougher with the knife.
Kyndal bawled harder and whined.
After twenty nonstop minutes of this unbearable pain, Kyndal was twitching and groaning on the mattress, in a pool of his own blood.
At least he was done now…
But he wasn’t. Gabriel unbuckled his pants and with a grunt, pulled out his nine inch, rock hard cock.
Kyndal shuddered at the sight. This was never a good thing. Hell, Kyndal was so weak right now, if Gabriel were to whack him across the face with his dick it could probably kill him.
“Open wide.” Gabriel commanded. Kyndal whimpered and did as he was told, slowly opening his mouth.
Gabriel shoved his cock into the small opening making Kyndal gag and cough. He pulled back and fucked the small boy’s mouth ruthlessly.
Kyndal cried and feebly pushed Gabriel back, trying to get him off of him. It didn’t happen until Gabriel squirted strips of his white, sticky, hot cum into Kyndal’s throat, making him gag and cough harder.
“Swallow or I’ll kill your ass.” Gabriel threatened.
Kyndal whimpered, Gabriel had come close to killing him but hadn’t yet.
He tried his hardest to swallow but couldn’t. He ended up throwing up all over the bed earning him a hard punch to the jaw.
He shrieked as he was thrown across the room.
Gabriel stood and towered over his small, beaten and bruised body on the floor.
He took the knife he’d just fucked him with. He plunged it straight into his stomach.
Kyndal howled as he was stabbed again and again in the gut. Soon he was covered in his own blood, surrounded in a pool of the thick, metallic red substance.
He felt Gabriel digging around in his stomach with the knife. It hurt so bad… felt disgusting too…
The next thing he knew, something was choking him. Felt like worms around his tiny neck… just strangling him…
Then he realized… oh god… it was his own intestines.
God, just kill him now… please…
He was dead within minutes. When he awoke days later, he was in the exact same position, still covered in blood, naked, nothing had been done to help him but he was healed naturally, not completely but at least his intestines were in place again. He shuddered at the thought. He sighed heavily and whimpered as it stung as he crawled to find Gabriel.
“Master! Master!” He called weakly, his voice cracking.
“What?” Gabriel grunted.
“C-could you please… drive me to a hospital master?”
Gabriel paused as if thinking this over.
“Master if you do not, there might be something wrong with me… you won’t have a healthy bitch then, Master.”
Gabriel nodded slowly and stood, dragging him out the door and to a hospital.
Kyndal was immediately taken into a room and hooked up to several machines. Gabriel went out to the waiting room.
Kyndal grinned and fell asleep. He took a nice long nap, in a bed for once. For the first time in years.
He woke to a young doctor shaking his shoulder gently.
“Wake up son.” He whispered.
Kyndal smiled sweetly and noticed his body covered in bandages. He groaned lightly.
“I have some news for you hun… It ain’t good news either.”
Kyndal swallowed, frowning deeply.
“Want your… boyfriend in here for this?”
“Um sure.”
The doctor left and minutes later returned with Gabriel trailing behind him, looking irritated.
“So whats the news?” Kyndal frowned.
“Well… because of your injuries… well.. I’m not sure how to put this.”
“Just say it please…”
“The knife messed up your intestines a bit… you’re incapable of having children. I don’t know if that’s an issue or not for you.”
Kyndal blinked, the tears quickly brimming his eyes. No… that was what he’d always wanted. To be a mother…
“I’m very sorry…”
Kyndal covered his face and sobbed.
The doctor spoke again.
“There is one more option…”
“Y-yes?” Kyndal’s head popped up.
“You could get a surgery… it would completely fix the problem and you could have as many children as you wanted…”
“I’ll do it.” He said immediately.
“However… it is life threatening. Very highly so. You may not survive. And if you die you won’t come back. And it is VERY expensive.”
He didn’t have any money.
“Master please? Please pay for it…” He turned to Gabriel with pleading eyes.
“Hell no, now I won’t have to worry about your ass getting pregnant.”
Kyndal whimpered.
“Can I have a moment alone please?”
“Of course.” The doctor and Gabriel left the room.
Kyndal sobbed a few more times and pulled out his phone, calling his friend Asher.
“Asher!” He cried when the familiar voice answered.
“Oh Kitty baby, whats wrong?” Worry was clear in his voice.
“G-Gabriel! H-he killed me a-and-!”
“Kit Kat, calm down sweety.”
“I CAN’T HAVE BABIES!” He bawled.
“Oh darling…” He frowned deeply, really distraught for his friend.
“C-can you come to the hospital? I’m room 768...”
“I’ll be there as soon as possible sweety.”
Sure enough, less than ten minutes later, Asher barged in, hugging Kyndal close.
“Oh I’ll kick his fucking ass…”
Kyndal sniffled, hugging him tight.
“Is there any way to fix it?”
“Theres some big expensive surgery that could kill me… but I’d rather be dead then alive and unable to have kids… I just don’t have any money.”
“I’ll cover it.” Asher nodded immediately. He grabbed his wallet and looked inside. “Heres my last three gigs..” He pulled out eight hundred bucks. “Will that cover it?” He sang and stripped…
“I dunno… lemme ask him.” He called the doctor back in and asked him how much the surgery would cost.
“Sorry hun, eight hundred ain’t enough. Atleast a thousand. Maybe more.”
Asher cursed and grabbed his jacket.
“I’ll be back Kitty. I’ll get you the money don’t worry.” He nodded and was gone.
The next day Asher limped into the room, wincing but a large smile on his face.
“I got it!” He proclaimed, waving some cash around in his hand. “I got eight hundred bucks in here, just in case its over a thousand.”
“Oh Ash! Thank you!!” Kyndal beamed at his friend.
“You’re welcome Kitty.” He smiled softly. “You’re lucky I love your ass. I fucked six guys in a matter of three hours to get this shit. My limit per day is three or four. You know how sore I am?”
“Oh hun, thank you though…” Kyndal smiled up at him and called the doctor in, giving him the money.
“Alright then… I’ll get things ready.” He nodded and looked at Asher. “Would you like to stay in here for this?”
“Yes please.” He nodded, stroking Kyndal’s hair.
The doctor nodded again and left.
“Nervous Kitty?”
“A little…”
“I’ll be right here the whole time hun. I won’t let asshole in either. I can’t believe he did this…”
“I deserved it…”
“What?! Kitty is that what he’s got you believing? I don’t care what you did you didn’t deserve this…”


“Oh come on, please?”
“Precious…” Quincy whined.
“Just c’mon, it’ll be fun!” Zac nudged him.
“I don’t sing…”
“But I do! You only have a few lines!”
“Zac I don’t want to.”
“PLEASEEEEEE?!” Zac begged.
“Fine.” Quincy groaned.
“YAY!!” He hopped on Quincy’s lap, hugging him. “Love you!” He chirped.
They were all at Mike and Alex’s for one of the gettogethers. And they were having couples karaoke. No one had gone yet, everyone was deciding on songs. Zac had written one a while ago and wanted to sing it with Quincy. It’d taken some persuasion but Quincy had agreed now.
Zac hopped up, pulling Quincy along to the make do stage in the front of the room.
“We’re first!” He grinned as Quincy rolled his eyes. “He’s pooping on my party.” Zac grumbled.
Kevin chuckled.
“Well sing baby.”
“Here we go.” Zac smiled as he picked up the microphone. “You gotta dance too mister.”
“Kiss my ass.” Quincy muttered.
“Later.” Zac hissed. “There are children in the room.”
Quincy couldn’t help but crack a smile and laugh at his lover.
Zac began to sing.
“Now, I’m about to give you my heart
But remember this one thing
I’ve never been in love before
So you gotta go easy on me” He grinned up at Quincy as he handed the mic to his older lover.

“I heard love is dangerous
Once you fall you’re never getting up
But the thought of you leaving
Ain’t so easy for me.” Quincy sang.
“Don’t hurt me
Desert me
Don’t give up on me.
1, 2, 3, 4 to the 5, baby I’m counting on you
1, 2, 3, 4 to the 5, baby I’m counting on you.” Zac sang sweetly.

Quincy sighed as his part came again.
“Understand I’ve been here before
Thought I found someone I finally could adore
But you failed my test
Got to know her better saw I wasn’t the only one

But I’m willing to put my trust in you
Baby you can put your trust in me

Just like a count to 3
You can count on me and you’re never gonna see
No numbers in my pocket
Anything I’m doing boy, I’ll drop it for you
Cause you’re the one I’m giving my heart to but I gotta be the only one.” Quincy finished and handed the mic back down to Zac.

“1, 2, 3, 4 to the 5 baby, I’m counting on you
1, 2, 3, 4 to the 5 baby, I’m counting on you
1, 2, 3, 4 to the 5 baby, I’m counting on you

Now I’m about to give you my heart
But remember this one thing
I’ve never been in love before
You gotta go easy on me.” Zac finished and pecked Quincy’s cheek.
Everyone clapped, Kevin got up and gave his baby a standing ovation. Zac grinned, pulling Quincy back to their seat on the couch.
Mike was still clapping as he took the mic.
“Well, who’s goin next?”
No one stood.
“Aw hell, we’ll go. Whaddaya say Chrissy?” Dustin stood, smiling down at Chris.
“Do I have a say in this?” Chris raised an eyebrow.
“Not at all! Now lets go!” Dustin winked, taking his hand. Chris rolled his eyes but followed him to the stage.
“What are we even singing?” Chris asked.
“Let’s get drunk and fight.” Dustin smirked. Chris chuckled but nodded as Mike handed them a second mic.
Dustin started them off.
“Let me pour you a tall one
Come sit down next to me
Baby, you look so damn good
In those faded jeans

Well, I've been stoned cold sober
You've been cold as ice
Hey, I got a good idea
Let's get drunk and fight

Let's get drunk and fight
We'll keep the neighbors up all night
Now you can scream at me
And I'll make you cry.”
For the next part, Chris joined in and they sang together.
“And when the morning comes
We'll make some make up love
While we apologize
But tonight, let's get drunk and fight.”
Chris wasn’t much of a singer so Dustin did most of it.
“Have another Pina Colada
And get good and torqued down
If you need a piñata
Well, you can kick me around

You can insult my mother
And I'll question your past
It turns me on when you're pissed off
You look hot when you're mad.”
Dustin chuckled while he sang this part and Chris joined in again to finish the song.
“Let's get drunk and fight
Keep the neighbors up all night
Now you can scream at me
And I'll make you cry

And when the morning comes
We'll make make up love
While we apologize
But tonight, let's get drunk and fight

Yeah, let's get drunk and fight
And keep the neighbors up all night
You can scream at me
Oh, I'm gonna make you cry

When the morning comes
We'll make make up love
While we apologize
But tonight, let's get drunk and fight
Yeah baby, just tonight, let's get drunk and fight.”


“I win! Suckah!” Rick laughed as he stopped running, just inside of the mall, doing a dance.
“Gah! Shit, I lost!” Alex cursed as he ran inside seconds later.
“You two are retards.” Chris rolled his eyes, strolling into the building casually.
Rick and Alex had decided to race inside with a little bet.
“You know what this means Lex?”
“No, c’mon Rick… I say it was a tie.” Alex nodded.
Rick shook his head.
“No way. I was in here a good five seconds before you.”
Chris chuckled.
“Yeah, as stupid as this is, I’m kind of intrigued.” Chris smirked at Alex.
A light blush crept to Alex’s cheek. Chris laughed as Rick grabbed Alex’s hand and tugged him to Victoria’s Secret.
Alex groaned as he reluctantly followed Rick into the lingerie store.
The woman at the counter eyed the three teens strangely as they grabbed a bra and underwear in every size and ran into the largest dressing room together.
Chris and Rick were laughing their asses off as they stripped Alex until he was butt naked.
“Guyssss.” He whined.
They simply laughed as they tossed a bra at him. It was a B cup size. Alex groaned but attempted to put it on.
“It won’t fit.” He pouted.
“Maybe you need a double D for those tits of yours Lex.” Rick winked, handing him the largest bra they had gotten.
“I hate you.”
“Love you too.”
When Alex wouldn’t put it on, Rick grabbed it and put it on for him.
“Better.” He chuckled as he handed Alex the largest underwear they’d gotten.
It just barely fit him but it worked. Alex stood there, cheeks cherry red as he modeled the lingerie in the mirror.
Rick and Chris shared a glance before Rick slid out of the dressing room, under the door. He returned moments later with handfuls of tissue paper. He shoved some down his underwear and some in the cups of the bra.
Alex covered his face.
“There, I’m done.”
“Ah, ah, ah Alex. Remember the other part of the bet?”
Rick giggled as he and Chris pulled out their cellphones and snapped a picture of Alex.
Alex groaned as they texted the picture to everyone on their contact list.
“My new cell phone wallpaper.” Chris and Rick grinned simultaneously.
“You guys are assholes…”
“And that’s why you love us Lexy.”
Alex grumbled as he dressed back in his normal clothes. They walked out of the store, leaving the dressing room in a mess.
Chris grabbed Alex’s hand and tugged him over one of those photo booths that spits out the strip of pictures afterwards. Alex chuckled as Rick followed, hopping in the booth first. Chris followed him, plopping beside his brother. The booth was only made for two though. Alex tried sitting beside Chris but it was far too squished then.
“Alex! Get your fat ass offa meeee!” Rick whined, slapping Alex in the ass. So after a bit of adjustment, Rick ended up on Alex and Chris’s lap.
“Why do I have to sit on your laps?” Rick pouted.
“Cause you’re the youngest, squirt.”
“But I’m also the hottest.”
Chris and Alex snorted simultaneously.
“Now smile, douche.” Chris put Rick in a headlock as the first picture was snapped.
For the second, Alex was giving Rick and Chris a wet willy.
The third was Rick kissing Alex with Chris rolling his eyes.
The fourth was Alex pushing Rick off the seat, he and Chris laughing.
Rick grumbled as he rolled out of the booth, rubbing his head which he had whacked off the door when Alex pushed him.
Alex giggled as he kissed Rick’s cheek.
“I’m sowwy.” He sang.
“Suree.” Rick rolled his eyes as they walked outside together.
“Wait, where’s Chris?”
They looked around, confused but Chris came out minutes later, holding up his hand.
A number was written on it in Sharpie.
“Really, another girl’s number? Aren’t you dating Ashley?”
“Yupp, I can’t text other girls?” Chris smirked.
“Manwhore.” Alex rolled his eyes.


Aaron had just fingered Zac and was now lying in bed with him, cuddling him close, one of his legs was thrown over both of Zac’s. If you didn’t know better, you’d think they were a couple…
Zac looked up at him and smiled shyly.
“Thank you for this…”
“It’s really no problem Zac.” Aaron shrugged and went to kiss his cheek. But when he leaned in, lips puckered, Zac was just turning to face him. Aaron’s lips collided with Zac’s.
Out of instinct, Zac’s hands went to push his chest and get him off. But they stopped, simply resting on his defined chest as he welcomed the kiss.
“What are you doing?! He’s kissing you! Quincy was your only kiss!” A voice in Zac’s head screamed at him.
But Zac shooed it away and simply concentrated on how warm and soft Aaron’s lips were.
Aaron had planned on pulling back and apologizing immediately… but then Zac kissed back. Aaron had never kissed anyone before this and Zac’s tiny, sweet, soft lips were amazing… He still was going to pull back, until Zac’s arms wound around him, not letting him pull back. If he truly wanted to, he could easily pry Zac’s hands off him.. But he didn’t want to, that was the problem.
After a bit, Aaron managed to get up the strength to pull away.
Zac was breathing heavily as he looked up at Aaron with wide eyes.
“The hell just happened?” Aaron asked.
“You kissed me…”
“You kissed back.” Aaron pointed out.
“I know… that’s the bad part…” Zac breathed.
“Did you… like it?”
“Um… did you?” Zac bit his lip.
“It was my first kiss and… yeah… I sorta did.”
“Oh I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to take your first kiss…”
“It’s okay, Zac… really it’s okay… More than okay.” Aaron nodded. He’d liked that more than he should… his father would murder him…
“Well… I liked it too… I shouldn’t, but I did.” Zac sighed, tracing his lips with two fingers.
Quincy was no longer the only one to touch his lips…
“Daddy’s gonna fucking kill me.” Aaron sighed, cracking his neck.
“He has no right to.” Zac said suddenly but firmly, almost angrily.
“What? Of course he does… he loves you more than anything Zac. And I’m his son…”
“But he left me damnit! He’s told me to move on so why don’t I already?!”
“Calm down Zac…” Aaron placed a hand on his shoulder, rubbing it back and forth.
“No! HE left ME! He got with Jen! And yet, if I move on he’s going to have a fucking cow! Well how about this?!” He grabbed Aaron’s face and pressed their lips together, kissing him deeply.
Aaron was in shock for a moment but before he knew it, his arms were winding around Zac’s waist and holding him in place…
He didn’t want this to end… oh hell, he was making out with his mother in law…but he was enjoying himself…far too much.
A few minutes passed and the only sound in the room was the wet sound of their makeout session. Aaron’s tongue was roaming Zac’s mouth, he’d just gotten the hang of really kissing. Zac would purr occasionally, his hands entangled in Aaron’s short brown locks, nails digging into his scalp. Aaron pushed Zac back gently, only a bit, noses still touching.
“Zac… stop this…” He whispered.
“Because… think of daddy…”
“But… Aaron… do you just not want to kiss me?”
“No… Zac, I want to kiss you more than I thought I would. But… I’m a daddy’s boy. I don’t want to hurt him that bad…” Aaron frowned slightly.
“We don’t have to tell him. We don’t have to be public with it… just… someone for me to kiss and hold me… If you don’t want to, say it though..”
“Zac…” There was a very long pause. Instead of answering, he looked up at Zac and leaned down to press a sweet kiss to his lips.
*5 Months Later*
Aaron quietly shut the door to his and Zac’s room and jogged over to bed. He hopped on the bed, startling Zac who’d almost been asleep. Zac smiled sleepily as his lips were captured in a sweet kiss.
“Hey babe…” Zac smiled up at him.
“Hey precious…” He laid down, pulling Zac onto his chest. He was just like his father…
He never got what his father saw in Zac. Zac was a young, naïve, whiny brat… but now he got it. Zac was just… amazing. And he wouldn’t say it but he was in love with him. Zac still wanted Quincy more than anything and would leave Aaron in a heartbeat if he came back. Aaron knew this but, though he tried not to, he was falling in love, falling hard… for the love of his father’s life.
Aaron yawned and nuzzled the back of Zac’s neck.
Zac rolled over so their noses were pressed together.
“Yeah babe?”
“My hole is feeling better…”
Aaron blinked at him.
“Wh-what does that mean?”
Was Zac going to ask him to make love to him?
“It means that… if you want y’know… you can… fuck me.”
“I don’t want to fuck you.” Aaron said firmly.
“Oh… of course, I was just… offering.” Zac bit his lip and nodded, feeling stupid.
“I do want to make love to you though…” Aaron never thought he’d do something cheesy like that… but he never thought he’d love someone either…
Zac’s face lit up. He smiled softly.
“Oh… well that works too.”
Aaron flipped them over so he was straddling Zac’s waist. He kissed him softly before attaching his lips to Zac’s neck.
It was still weird but Zac had gotten used to someone who wasn’t Quincy kissing him, loving him…
Aaron caressed Zac’s cheek with the back of his hand as he sucked on his neck.
Zac moaned softly, small smile claiming his lips as he reached up and tossed off Aaron’s shirt. He gently pushed Aaron off of him and laid him down. Zac stood and tossed off his own shirt. His hands fumbled with Aaron’s belt, when he finally got it off he tossed it to a random corner of the room. He slid down Aaron’s jeans and palmed the small bulge in his boxers.
Aaron groaned, this was the first time he’d been touched by someone other than himself.
Zac licked his lips as he tugged off Aaron’s boxers too, leaving him completely naked.
Zac kissed the head of Aaron’s now erect member. Aaron moaned as Zac placed kisses up his dick and on his inner thighs, all the way to his balls. Zac always had had a bit of a ball fetish, even with Quincy, playing with his balls, feeling them tapping against his ass, that had been his favorite part of sex. Zac nipped at them, biting them gently, batting at them, kissing them, taking them in his mouth and sucking. He entertained himself while Aaron had his eyes closed in bliss, breathing heavily.
“I’m going to cum if you keep it up. I’m a virgin remember?” Aaron panted.
“Right.” Zac smiled. “Sorry… so that’s a no to a blowjob?”
“Definitely.” Aaron breathed. “I’ll cum in a second.”
“Alright.” Zac pouted a bit but rummaged in the drawer, handing him the lube. “I need a little prep but not much.” He nodded as he threw off his own pants. He wasn’t used to being the experienced one…
Aaron responded with a grunt as he took Zac and threw him down on the bed, landing with a small “oof.” Zac smiled up at him, spreading his legs obscenely. Aaron spread some lube on three fingers and gently eased one inside Zac. Zac meowed up at him and nodded, telling him to put in the next one. He felt just as tight as ever but he’d been using a dildo and it didn’t hurt as much anymore. Aaron slid a second finger in and began scissoring them wide, stretching his walls.
“Third.” Zac breathed. Aaron reluctantly added a third finger to his tight hole. Zac wasn’t sure where he was going with this but….
“Four.” He whispered.
Aaron raised an eyebrow but what did he know? He added his pinky into Zac’s tight heat.
“Aaron… I want you to fist me.” He bit his lip. He’d never tried this but he wanted to…
“Zac… I don’t know… that’s supposed to hurt bad…”
“Please? I’m a big boy.” He smiled softly.
“I’ll try… but if you start to whimper or anything I’m taking it out.”
“Deal.” He nodded as Aaron pulled his fingers out and grabbed the lube again.
He lubed up his entire hand so it was nice and slick, slippery. He made it into a fist and found Zac’s just stretched hole. He slowly slid it up inside of Zac. Zac bit his lip, clenching his eyes shut.
“You okay?” Aaron whispered. To tell the truth, this was turning him on to no end, he found it sexy how much Zac’s hole could take.
Zac felt himself tearing a bit…
“I’m fine… just get the whole thing in there and stay still for a minute…”
Aaron nodded and got his whole fist inside before staying still.
“God.. You have big hands y’know that?” Zac chuckled.
Aaron smirked and laughed lightly.
“Just tell me if you want me to take it out..”
“Don’t.” Zac shook his head. “I never tried this… your father’s hands are fucking gigantic.”
Aaron smiled softly.
“Alright, you can go ‘head and move it now.” Zac nodded.
Aaron did as he was told and slowly withdrew his fist before pushing it back in. He looked up at Zac, whose eyes were closed before doing the motion again, faster this time, fucking him with his fist.
It took a bit of time but Zac began moaning and arching his back.
Aaron smiled at this as his motions got harder, plunging deeper into Zac’s hole every time.
“Okay…” Zac panted. “I don’t wanna cum yet. Stop.”
Aaron nodded and pulled out.
“I think I’m stretched enough.” Zac smirked.
“I dunno. I’m pretty big.” Aaron laughed lightly.
“Oh hush and get your dick inside me.”
Aaron smiled as he lubed up his cock and aligned with Zac’s hole. He paused a moment before thrusting his hips, sinking inch by inch into Zac’s tight heat.
“Ohmygod!” Aaron exclaimed. People had described sex to him… but he could never have gotten this feeling from words. Zac was so tight and warm and… oh god, he could cum right now.
Zac laughed, a small tinkling laugh at him.
“Feel good?”
“So good…”
“You can move, I won’t make ya hold back.”
Aaron bit his lip before carefully pulling out until just the head of his cock remained inside of Zac before pushing back in. He continued the process, getting faster and faster as Zac screamed below him. Zac’s moans and groans were only turning him on more. He loved hearing Zac scream his name like this.
“Aaron! Oh! Oh Aaron fuck! Harder! Harder goddamnit!” Zac commanded, eyes leaking with tears of pleasure.
Aaron did as he was told, pounding into Zac harder and deeper. Zac was screaming like this and Aaron hadn’t even found his prostate. Now he did, he stabbed it head on and an almost ghoulish moan escaped him.
“Faster!” He cried out, clutching onto Aaron’s biceps needily.
Aaron was trying so hard, to be as good as his father. Maybe then… Zac would stay with him, even if just for the sex. He pounded into him as hard as possible, stabbing his prostate every other time.
“AARON!” Zac screamed as he came hard, cum covering his flat stomach.
Aaron was only seconds after, filling Zac to the brim with his sticky, white, warm seed.
Aaron collapsed beside Zac, panting heavily, barely able to catch his breath.
“Have fun?” Zac chuckled.
“That was fucking amazing…”
“It really was..” Zac yawned, nuzzling Aaron’s neck. The words fell on deaf ears, Aaron was already out. Zac giggled at him, kissing his cheek before falling asleep himself…

The next morning, Zac woke to a knock on the door.
“One minute!” Zac called, dashing in the bathroom and quickly washing off some of the cum. He threw a towel around his waist and wet his hair and chest, making it look like he just got out of the shower. He limped downstairs, his hole still sore and opened the door, gasping as he saw Quincy there.
“Zac… I… I miss you.” He sighed.
“Um… I miss you too…” Zac looked back, praying that Aaron wouldn’t wake up yet.
“Precious… do you think you can forgive me?”
“Quincy… you mean… get back together?”
“If you want to…”
Zac almost cried with joy as he leaped up and hugged Quincy, wincing a bit as his hole stung.
And that was when Aaron walked into the room, hair messy, only boxers on and cum still splattered on his chest.
His heart sank as he saw Zac in his father’s arms. But he put on a wide smile, luckily his father was too enamored with Zac to notice the cum.
“You guys getting back together?” He asked, smile still plastered on.
“You bet baby.” Quincy nodded as he kissed Zac deeply.
A flame formed in Aaron’s stomach as Quincy kissed Zac again and again.
“Precious… can I show you how much I love you up in the bedroom?” Quincy whispered but Aaron heard.
No. He couldn’t let that happen. Zac was sore… he wouldn’t let his dad do it…
You could sense Zac’s hesitation.
“Of course baby.” He nodded, smile claiming his lips.
“Zac, no.” Aaron shook his head and Zac shot him a look.
“Hm?” Quincy raised an eyebrow.
“Nothing.” Zac shook his head.
“No, daddy, last night Zac was real sick. I don’t think he’s up to fucking right now.” Aaron said firmly.
“Oh, of course baby. Just say that, you know I’d never pressure you.”
“I know babe but really. I’m FINE.”
“You sure?” Quincy frowned.
“NO.” Aaron snapped.
“Aaron this doesn’t concern you.” Zac snapped right back and nodded at Quincy. Zac took his ex fiance’s hand and led him up the stairs to the bedroom.
Aaron snarled, punching the wall.
“GODDAMNIT!” Zac was being hurt…For the past five months, Zac had been HIS precious… and he was just as protective of him as Quincy was…
Aaron trudged up to his old room and slammed the door, throwing himself on the bed. Zac and Quincy were just next door.
And Aaron could hear everything…
His eyes were brimming with tears as he heard Zac moaning his father’s name, begging Quincy to go faster as he had Aaron last night. But even Aaron could tell the noises were faked. Zac was sore and couldn’t be horny after they fucked just last night… Quincy was hurting him but he pretended to enjoy it. After all, Quincy was coming back to him… He was ecstatic.
By the time Aaron heard them climax together, silent tears were rolling down his cheeks. He knew he shouldn’t have let himself fall for Zac… But he had. He was so fucking stupid… And this was hurting him… he knew their relationship was only temporary… but it’d been his first. Zac had taken his first everything and now he was just… leaving. And Aaron would never admit it but… his heart was breaking. It hurt so bad… He felt selfish… he wanted Zac and his father to be happy but… it still hurt how it was so easy for Zac to drop him, like he was nothing…
Aaron cried himself to sleep for the first time in years…
*3 Months Later*
Zac beamed as the pregnancy test came out positive.
He and Quincy were having another baby! This would make everything better, things had been a bit tense and uncomfortable since they got back together. This would fix it, Zac thought.
“Quincy!” He squealed, smiling.
Quincy was in the bathroom seconds later.
“What is it precious?”
“I’m pregnant!” Zac grinned.
Quincy’s face was blank for a moment before he smiled. They didn’t need a tenth child running around but Zac being pregnant could never be a bad thing.
“Oh baby that’s great!” He lifted Zac and spun him, pressing their lips together passionately.
“Imma go see memaw, get him to see how far along I am!” Zac grinned happily and jogged off to his memaw’s house.
He knocked on the door loudly. A tired looking Mike answered seconds later.
“Hey Zac.” He smiled.
“Memaw! I’m pregnant!” He beamed.
“That’s great baby, you here for a check up then?”
“Please.” Zac nodded. “I just wanna see how far along I am, that sorta stuff.”
“Course babe. Just lie down on the couch while I get my stuff hooked up.”
Zac nodded again and laid down, throwing off his shirt.
Mike returned minutes later with his machines all plugged in and set up. He rubbed the petroleum jelly on Zac’s tummy and began looking around. He smiled as he pointed at the screen.
“There’s your baby. Can’t see it too well but its there. I’d say you’re about three or four months Zac.”
Zac grinned.
“Thanks memaw.”
“No pr-” Mike frowned. “That’s weird…”
“What’s weird?”
“This isn’t… matching up… hold on.” Mike walked away and pressed a few buttons. He walked off and returned holding some papers.
“Zac… this isn’t Quincy’s baby…”
“Of course it is memaw, what are you talking about?” Zac raised an eyebrow.
“Look Zac. Right here on this paper is the genes that each of the octuplets had from Quincy.” Mike pointed at something on the page.
“And here are what Aaron has from Quincy. See it’s the same?”
“Yes, but I still don’t get why you’re telling me this.”
“Because, this,” Mike pointed to the screen, “this is what this baby is getting from his father. Look, its different.”
Zac frowned at the screen. It was… Then his eyes widened. No…
“Zac baby, who else have you been fucking?” Mike tilted his head. He never thought Zac would cheat.
“No… oh no…. shit… memaw…” Zac’s eyes were quickly filling with tears as he began to panic… this couldn’t be Aaron’s baby…
“Zac, sweety you can talk to me, I won’t tell. You can trust me, you know you can. Just calm down baby.” Mike cooed softly, rubbing his back.
“I-I… I fucked…” He trailed off.
“Who’d you fuck Zac? What happened?”
“A-Aaron!” He sobbed as he put his face in his hands.
Mike’s jaw dropped.
“Baby… you slept with Aaron? Why? When? Baby, how could you cheat on Quincy?”
“I didn’t cheat!” Zac exclaimed. “It was when Quincy left me. He was with Jen and Aaron and I had a sort of thing going… it was just kissing and cuddling and… he was just helping me. Then one night I let him fuck me… the next morning Quincy came back. It was only a few months ago…”
“Oh Zac… baby…”
“I… I just am gonna pretend… it’s Quincy’s… he won’t have to know… He’ll kill Aaron..”
“Baby, you can’t hide this forever. He’s gonna find out. And if he finds out that you knew and didn’t tell him he’ll be angry…”
“But… memaw…”
“Just tell him. He’ll understand. He won’t like it but… he’ll understand. He loves you Zac. You’re his precious…”
“… okay memaw. I’ll tell but in a little while…”
“Okay baby. I love you and if you need to talk I’m here. And you know your momma is always there for you too.”
“Thank you memaw…”
“Anytime baby.” Mike kissed his cheek and walked off to wake Alex up.
Zac trudged home, knot in his stomach.
*3 Months Later*
Zac was now six months along and his stomach was quite big. Quincy just loved it, always kissing and loving the bump. No idea that it was actually his grandson in there…
Today, Zac had decided to finally tell them the news…
He had Aaron and Quincy both sitting in the living room, looking up at him expectantly.
“What did you want to tell us pre-Zac?” Aaron asked, quickly correcting himself.
“Well… Quincy… I have news…”
“What is it baby?”
“I’m pregnant.. You both know that…”
“Mhmm.” Quincy nodded with a smile.
“But this baby… isn’t yours Quincy…”
“It isn’t your child in me….”
“What?” Quincy’s brow furrowed as he repeated himself.
Aaron’s eyes were wide as Zac turned to face him.
“It’s yours Aaron…”
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