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I Am, Calvin Pierce

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I Am, Calvin Pierce Empty I Am, Calvin Pierce

Post by Gabriel Johnson on Sat Jun 25, 2011 6:53 pm

I am crazy and worthless
I wonder if he's better than me
I hear Gabriel telling me what he did over and over
I see my baby boy being sliced open
I want Gabriel to tell me it was all a joke
I am crazy and worthless

I pretend I'm fine
I feel like dying
I touch Steven's limp hand
I worry that I will never make it without Gabriel by my side
I cry because I have to let Gabriel go
I am crazy and worthless

I understand I need him
I say I won't be a pushover
I dream that this all never happened
I try to stop thinking about it
I hope my ex-husband is happy
I am crazy and worthless
Gabriel Johnson
Gabriel Johnson

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