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He Wont Be Lonely Long...

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He Wont Be Lonely Long... Empty He Wont Be Lonely Long...

Post by Daffy D. on Fri Jul 08, 2011 4:08 pm

Alex baby, I dont know if you will want to read this or not. Its Brantley/Kevin.
Imma just tell you not too, dont wanna upset you.
Song: She wont be lonely long By Clay Walker.
Warnings: Maybe some cursing, I dont think so.
Somethin bout the way shes wearing her dress a little tighter
Somethin bout the way shes starin, shes lookin to start a fire
Somethin bout the way shes dancin and drinkin chill patron
If shes lonely now she wont be lonely long

Brantley looked up from his beer, a man in a tight black outfit catching his eye. He had seen the man..or boy rather around here before but he never came dressed like that, usually he came crying and heartbroken, had a couple of drinks and left but this was different. He could already see tonight that boy was on a mission. He watched the skinny shaggy haired blond take a seat, and in only a few moments, a man he had been staring at made his way over, sitting down and giving a charming smile.
It was on.
Not too long and the boy had a strong drink in his hand, out on the dance floor with this stranger, moving against him, grinding into him like Brantley never though he would. Maybe the boy was lonely, maybe he was done being hurt but tonight he was guaranteed to be doing the hurting.
Yes, the boy was tired of this shit he called a life, tonight he was leaving. And he was looking to forget the reason why.
As the boy danced, Brantley smiled at watched.
Yes, lord help the fool who did him wrong.

Heaven help the fool who did her wrong
Its too late, too bad, shes too far gone
He shouldve thought of that before he left her all alone
If shes lonely now, she wont be lonely long

Brantley stood, making way over to the dancing pair and easily sliding in between them, giving the small man a dazzling smile. "Hey there." He placed his hands on the bony hips, moving with the boy to the rhythm of the music.
"Hi.." He boy gave a small smile, resting his hands on Brantley's shoulder. They danced a long time, pressed close together and practically fucking on the dance floor. This was apparently new to the small man, the way he moved proved that. He was an excellent dancer but he did seem uncomfortable.
"Wanna go sit down? Have a drink?"
There was a pause in which the boy just stared at him, a certain sad look in his deep blue eyes.
Brantley took the boy back to the bar, sitting him down and ordering him another drink, paying for it with a smile.
"So, whats goin' on tonight?"
"Uh....What do you mean?"
"I see ya round here sometimes but never dressed like that."
The boy blinked, looking down...Self conscious.
"D-Does it look bad?"
"Oh heavens no, looks really nice on ya but I gotta wonder, what happened to make you do that? I see ya sometimes, you never dress like that an ya never dance, whys tonight any different?"
"Ummm...Tonight im....Tonight im done" He nodded at the man like he made sense but in a way he did. This boy was done with whoever kept hurting him.

Somethin bout the way shes blushin you can tell she isnt sure
Let you know shes up to something shes never done before
Tonight she wants to hold a stranger but not the one at home
If shes lonely now she wont be lonely long

They talked a while, Brantley not getting to close to the boy, not wanting to get him uncomfortable but slowly, the boy was warming up to him. Brantley was enjoying this, he was loving that blush that covered the boys cheeks that just never seemed to disappear.
He jumped lightly as a hand rubbed his knee. His glanced down at the boy's smaller pale hand on him.
"Ah, so that's where your going?"
The small man blushed harder, determination in his bright blue eyes. "Yeah...Thats where im going..."
Brantley chuckled at him, shaking his head slowly.
"Now are ya really wanting that?"
"No....But I need somewhere to sleep and if this is what I gotta do..."
In truth the boy did but didnt. Tonight he wanted to be in the arms of a man and not the one pissed at him waiting at their home. But then again...He wasnt ready to be loved by anyone else.
The man shook his head, resting a head on top of Kevin's.
"Its not, come back to my place and sleep, you dont gotta do anything..."
"R-Really?" This boy seemed shocked...someone was offering to let him stay for nothing,.
"Really." Brantley finished his drink and brought the boy out to his truck.

Heaven help the fool who did her wrong
Its too late, too bad, shes too far gone
He shouldve thought of that before he left her all alone
If shes lonely now, she wont be lonely long

Brantley wore a smile, running his rough callused finger tips over the boy's cheek while he sleept, curled into his chest. No they had not had sex or anything else, this boy was obviously not ready for that yet but this was a start. Brantley didn't mind just being here for him until he was ready, then they might could take it a step farther. He liked this boy, he had always thought he was cute with his small frame and sweet face.
Damn near perfect.
He jumped lightly, looking up as he heard the boy's phone go off with "I got you babe" By Sonny and Cher. The small light from the phone bothered him, though he was trying so hard to ignore it. He didnt want to snoop but after a while...
he reached over and took the phone up, flipping it open and raising an eye brow.
One new Text Message.
From: Rick.

Brantley looked down at the boy, chewing his lips before pressing the 'ok' button and reading the message.
Kevin where are you? Are you okay?

The man shook his head, laughing lightly. If only this Rick man knew...
He frowned a bit, still glancing at the phone.
That must have been the man he is done with.
Stupid bastard.

If I had a woman like that
Man Id let her know
Id hold her tight
Id hold her close
Do anything, do everything to let her know
Shed never ever be alone

Brantley put the phone down and pulled the boy to his chest.
That must be his name, he had forgotten to ask. Either way he pressed a kiss to the man's cheek and held him close, protectively hugging him. If he had a man like this, he would not be stupid enough to lose him. If this boy was his husband...
He would never have to find comfort in the arms of another man.
But who knows, maybe one day, this boy would be his...
He sort of hoped so but for now, he was just fine holding him and watching him sleep.

Heaven help the fool who did her wrong
Its too late, too bad, shes too far gone
He shouldve thought of that before he left her all alone
If shes lonely now, lord if shes lonely now
If shes lonely now, she wont be lonely long
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