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Pretty... Empty Pretty...

Post by Daffy D. on Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:20 am

Aristotle sighed down at the English essay they were being forced to write in class.
The topic was to write about something you believe is truly Beautiful.
Aristotle didn't know what beautiful was....
So he did all he could do,he raised his hand.
It took like fifteen minutes for the teacher to rised her head and look at him, Most would have said something but he was SCARED of being in trouble so he had waited patiently.
"What now Aristotle?"
Most of the other children looked up at him.
"Uh...What does this word mean?" He drew in his raspy voice
"What word?"
"Uh...Be....beao...." He tried to sound it, visibly frustrated.
The other children snickered at him.
"Beautiful?" The teacher raised a brow at the slow child.
"Uh....I think so...."
The teacher said nothing to the laughing children, she was thinking of how to word this for the boy.
"Something you think is....Pretty."
Aristotle blinked a moment before his face lit up, he nodded and looked back down.
"You got it?" The teacher asked softly.
"Yes ma'me..."
He chewed his lip and started his paper.
Something pretty.
By Aristotle VanArmnam.
I know there are a lot of pretty things like flowers and colors and things, but the one thing I like to think is the prettiest is my boyfriend Asher Reed. There are a lot of reasons I think he is pretty but since I only get to write two other peragafs ill just name some.

He is really, really pretty! He had big ay blue eyes..They are shiny...They get all not bright if he is bored but when he gets up to something they lit up again, they are like stars to me, they twinkel. And his lips are nice and pink! Really smooth too, nice to touch. I like his lips and his eyes and his skin and his teeth and his hair...OH! I didnt tell about the last three things. His skin is all white but pretty, it shines in the moon....I love it, and its all soft like his hair, his hair is all blond and thats soft too and its fun to play with and his uh his teeth are all white and straight. His body is small...
He is like a very dedicat flower.

Next thing is his...umm just how he acts. He is really sweet and nice to me he waits and he helps me when I need it. I love him, he cuddled me and he teaches me things other people dont. He ever wanted ScoobyDoo with me! Chord, my bestestfriend doesnt like him much bacuse he thinks Asher with hurt me but I dont think so, he wont ever hurt me, he is too sweet, and his sweetness makes him even more pretty. You know I got in a big fight with Chord bacuse of him? Thats alright to me though, I would do ANYTHING for my Ashley but after the fight my head hurt a lot and it upset Asher and I felt really bad! Am I off topic? I guess...Next peragaf.

And so that is what I think is the most prettiest thing in the intire world! Thank you for reading my writing.

Aristotle nodded at the paper, reading it over with a smile before handing it into the basket and sitting back down, his leg jumping wildly. He could not sit still...
Once the bell rang he ran off to meet Chord for lunch.
That night the teacher read his essay, shaking his head but smiling. The boy was getting better if only he could stay on topic and learn how to spell, also gain a vocabulary but for now, he stamped a B on the paper and pout it in the graded pile.
Yes I meant to misspell those words in the essay, this is ARISTOTLE we are reading about so yes, and the very short vocabulary and the off topicness, all meant to be there.
Hope you like it Alex, I wrote it for you.
Daffy D.
Daffy D.

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