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We're So Sorry...

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We're So Sorry... Empty We're So Sorry...

Post by Trever Murdock on Tue Jul 19, 2011 6:27 am

Blaine sat on the swing, dragging his feet as the wind blew him back and forth. He had run away...He had simply run off, taking nothing with him. He had been at Barry's house, his father had come over and..
They wanted him to choose.
He couldn't do it so while the men were arguing he had slipped out and he was refusing to go home to EITHER of the places he had learned to call his homes. He had nothing with him, just the clothes on his back. He had done this before but that time Barry had left him here, this time he just had no where to go aside from his father and his..Lovers home.
He shivered lightly as the wind blew a bit lighter, he let out a quivering sigh.
"Wh-Why do they do this to me?" He sniffled lightly, tear tracks painfully visible on his pink cheeks. He didn't know what to do, he figured he would just sit out here until someone forced him to leave, like he had the very first time he did this but no one had make him get up and they probably wouldn't unless they were some bully. Blaine never seemed to fear bullies, NO ONE picked on Blaine Casanova Johnson.
Or so he thought.
But days went by, four of them in fact and by that time a boy did come up to him. He was large and round, looking like a mini version of Jack. He waddled up to Blaine and snorted. All the other swings weren't taken but being he was a bully he wanted them ALL, including the one Blaine was on. This boy was older, around sixteen so he towered over the small eleven year old.
"Get off the swing kid." He ordered gruffly to the small, skinny, fit child.
"There are other swing for you to swing on." Blaine didn't even lift his head
"Well I wanna swing on this one!"
"Well im already on it." Blaine noted not scared at all as the boy bowed up at him.
"Well to bad! I want it!"
"I dont care, get on another." Blaine snapped at him, looking up from the ground just as the fat boy swung at him, he connected with Blaine's nose, knocking the boy backwards off the swing.
Blaine gasped at him, his nose immediately pouring blood that dripped and ran down his upper lip, and into the black and brown dirt.
"Y-You MEANIE!!" Blaine screamed, lunging at the boy and knocking him backwards, rolling around in the dirt with him, for every punch his received, he dished one out until a small group of the older boy's friends showed up. They circled the feuding children, watching a moment before two of the four of them took Blaine's arms and held him still, letting the fatter get in a few cheep upper cuts and a kick to Blaine's stomach which was still oh so sensitive after what Barry had done to him.
"O-Oh..." Blaine's head lolled forward, blood being coughed up.
The boys dropped him to the dirt, Blaine curled himself up in the fetal position, not paying the boys any mind, just focusing on the pain in his stomach, not even caring as they got on him, pressing him into the dirt and tearing away his clothing, all snickering happily. They were about to have sex for the first time, it would be rape but it was better than anything.
Blaine just growled lightly at them, saying nothing to them, not struggling, not caring at all about what these boys were going to do to him, he had it done all the time at get togethers. He just waited it out, letting all five of them have their turns with him, fucking him hard into the dirt but not bothering him, it didnt hurt really, not after having grown men like Barry and his friends raping him. Nope he was good until they INSISTED on him sucking their dicks.
Oh hell fucking no.
Blaine did not like doing that for anyone but Barry so when one of the boys forced their members into his mouth.
He bit down on it.
He refused to let go so what did they do? They panicked. One had a knife on him...He roughly thrusts it into Blaine, letting it slice through his ribs and deep into his body.
"AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Blaine screamed, it was blood curdling, it was sad...
It could alert people.
So the boys did all they could think to do. They yanked his mouth open, one holding the boys light pink tongue and the other sawing it off, that and going to get a rock, simply bashing Blaine in the mouth with it, knocking out and breaking teeth, busting his lips and shattering bone.
The boy's face was a bleeding mess....
So now he was toothless, tongueless, and he had a gaping wound in his ribs.
The boys took turns with his ass, his mouth, and even the hole on his side that was spewing blood out every time his heart pumped. Blaine was falling in and out of consciousness, waiting for the darkness of death to set in before he heard..
he heard a loud roar...
His vision fuzzy though when he glanced up, he could make out two large men walking up to them, and before he knew it, the group of boys were gone, either taken off or laying limply in the dirt beside him.
His saviors...
Oh hell what would they do to him? They were so big and scary and just..
Blaine clenched his eyes closed, waiting...but instead of a large cock in his ass, a hand pulling his hair, or some large weight on his chest, he felt large hands on him, looking his tiny body over, trying to find the blood...
He finally heard a gasp as the hole in his rib cage was found, and covered with a overly sized callused hand. He could hear talking, and he heard something drop to the ground beside him. He could feel another pair of big hands on him, oh so gently running over his body.
A few more minutes.
He was being turned over, the hand never leaving his side as the two men finally got a glimpse of his beautiful face, his poor beautiful face...
A small gasp was heard, a tiny intake of breath, and the slow whisper of "Blaine." Being let out and moments later he could feel warm droplets of water on his blood and cum smeared face.
Did I mention how fond those boys had been of facials?
His eyes had been swollen shut, both black by now, both burning as they had cum spurted into them. He took his time, forcing them open but when he got them there, and his vision cleared up...
The first thing he saw was Barry, still a bit fuzzy but it was him...and....he was crying....two identical streams of tears falling from his eyes and down onto Blaine's face. Not too long after that tiny boy the felt a small weight on his chest...
He glanced down just to see his father...Gabriel Johnson was resting his head on his babies chest, his body racking with what was sure to be sobs.
His two very special men were crying over him....
He managed a small small smile... His world spinning.
"O-Ownt Cl-Cly....." The boy gummed at them, the words coming out unpronounced between the missing tongue and what was left of his gleaming white teeth.
And it all went black.
Last thing he heard was a far away sounding call of..
"We're so sorry!!"
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