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High on life (Anyone)

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High on life (Anyone) Empty High on life (Anyone)

Post by Rayner Evens Sun Dec 19, 2010 9:41 pm

Rayner dropped the brown paper bag on his kitchen table before pulling out a chair. He had just spent the last of his paycheck on this stuff and he was hoping it was top quality. He reached over and unhooked the kettle of boiling water. He made himself a nice cup of tea, savouring the taste of the leafy drink.

Setting the cup aside, he pulled over the bag and took out it's contents. Six small viles, a leather strap and a surgical needle. He took the strap and tied it around his left arm, just under his elbow. With the needle in his other hand his pierced it through the cap and drew out half the vile, that would be enough. He injected the clear liquid into his vein and set the needle down.

After half an our nothing had happened, so he injected more. After the thrid vile he began to feel funny. Rayner began to giggle slightly before resting his head on the table, his body quivering. He was too wrapped up to hear th door open.

Rayner Evens
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