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February - March Writing Contest.

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February - March Writing Contest. Empty February - March Writing Contest.

Post by Mike Mizanin Sat Feb 19, 2011 4:01 pm

You will post your fics here on the dead line. But not until then because you don't want anyone reading your story until then.
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February - March Writing Contest. Empty Re: February - March Writing Contest.

Post by CM Punk Sat Mar 19, 2011 12:02 am

A Desire To Love
Pairing: Phil/Jeff
Prompt: Mpreg

Phil took a deep breath as the doctor confirmed his suspicion, he was three months pregnant and that meant that his boyfriend of a month Jeff Hardy was not the father. His ex boyfriend John Morrison was, Phil bit his lip ring nervously as he looked at Jeff wondering how he felt about the news.

Jeff sat shocked, Phil was pregnant but he couldn’t be the father, the doctor said three months and he hadn’t been with Phil for that long. He looked Phil before gently taking his hand and squeezing it. He made a promise to himself; that he was going to be there for Phil no matter what.

Phil gave a small sigh of relief as Jeff squeezed his hand reassuringly, before they both got up and left the doctor’s office heading back to the hotel. The ride back was quiet and it wasn’t in till they got to their room that the silence broke. “How are you feeling?” Jeff asked as he wrapped his arms around Phil. Phil sighed and closed his eyes “I’m ok baby, just a little tired.” Jeff nodded and laid Phil to the bed before pulling him close.

Phil closed his eyes, as he wrapped his arms around Jeff. “Baby?” Phil asked softly “Yes love?” Jeff asked softly “How can you be so calm about this, I’m pregnant with my ex’s baby.” Jeff kissed Phil gently “It’s because I love you Phil, I love you so much and I’m going to be here for you no matter what.” Phil smiled softly as he snuggled closer to Jeff “I love you.” he said happily, knowing that Jeff would be there for him no matter what.

A week later, Phil sighed before knocking on John’s door. He was nervous but calmed as Jeff squeezed his hand softly before John opened the door “Hi John.” Phil said softly “Phil, what are you doing here?” John asked, Phil took a deep breath before saying “John I’m pregnant and you’re the father.” John frowned “You’re what?” Phil bit his lip “I’m pregnant John.” “And your saying its mine?” John asked. Phil just nodded. John laughed and said “I never thought you would tell a lie like that just to get me back.” “John I’m not lying.” Phil said softly “And I don’t want you back, I’m with Jeff now.” John rolled his eyes and shut the door. Jeff growled softly at John before wrapping an arm around Phil “Come on baby lets just go back to our room.” He said softly as he gently picked Phil up and carried him back to the room.

Phil sighed before kissing Jeff softly; he didn’t know what he would do with out Jeff. He was the only thing that had kept him going. Phil placed a hand on his stomach and smiled, he knew Jeff would also be there for him and the baby no matter what.

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February - March Writing Contest. Empty Re: February - March Writing Contest.

Post by Jeff Jarrett Sat Mar 19, 2011 1:58 pm

Title: Horror Movies
Pairing: KA/JJ
Rated: Let’s go with soft R for violence
Disc: Not my guys
Summary: Kurt goes off to film a horror movie.
Special note: For Slash Central’s fic contest.

Lockdown, April 2010

“So… this is it, huh? No more Kurt for a bit.” Jeff said slowly as he watched the other man towel off the sweat from his head and face. He was dressed for his lockdown match in his gold shorts and long matching entrance gear. He bit his bottom lip, trying to not show that he was distressed by the thought.

“Yeah, no more Kurt.” He hung the towel off his face, gripping the ends of it in his hands as his blue eyes ghosted over Jeff’s form. “I like you in gold. You can be my Oscar anytime of the week.”

Jeff rolled his eyes and put his hands on his hips. “Boy if that was ever a
line if I ever did hear one.” He rolled his eyes and met Kurt’s affectionate gaze. “But I don’t mind hearin’ it, that’s for sure. I’ll have to store it up while you’re off bein’ a movie star for a month.” He bridged the gap between them, playing with the towel around Kurt’s neck. “Which I know ya’ll be good at. I’m jus’ jealous some movie starlet is gonna be monopolizin’ on my Kurt time.”

Kurt put his hands on Jeff’s hips, smiling when the blonde laid his head in that space between his neck and shoulder. “Movie starlet? They must have broadened the description of what movie starlet is, because my co stars are Nash and Sid- remember? Not a pretty girl in sight. After staring at their zombified faces, I’m going to be glad to get back to you.”

Jeff picked his head up from Kurt’s shoulder and gave him in an indignant look. “An’ what’s that supposed to mean?”

“…That you look good in gold.”

“Smooth, Kurt. Real smooth.” Jeff smirked at him and shook his head. “I should get goin’. Gotta talk to the boys about the match. But before I go, can I get a good luck kiss?”

“I haven’t even showered yet.”

Jeff made a face at him. “The hell if I care, I want my kiss.”

“Okay, okay. One good luck kiss.” He moved his arms around Jeff’s waist, bringing in the other man into an embrace. Jeff felt so good against him, his warmth, the scent of his shampoo, the weight of his body against him. Jeff’s thin lips finally pulled away from him, only to come right back in for another kiss. Another peck later and he was seemingly satisfied.

“That was more than one.” Kurt gave him an amused look.

“Ya gonna charge me for those extra ones, or what Angle?”

He laughed and swatted Jeff on the ass. “Go. They’re waiting for you. Plus you’re making it hard for me to leave and it’s only for a month. I’ll see you when I get back, and I promise I’ll call all the time.”

“You better not, Kurt Angle. I’m not some over emotional sixteen year old girl waitin’ all day by the phone for her man to call. …Tweet me.”

“You make it sound so dirty.”

Jeff gave him a coy look and backed up a little more. “Only because it’s you.”

“Jeff, don’t give me that look unless you mean it.”

“Maybe I mean it. Maybe I’m tryin’ to stall an’ get in more time with you. Maybe you’ll change your mind an’ want to skip out on this movie an’ take the month off with me.”

“There’s a couple of things wrong with those statements, Jeff. Number one, you have to go rally Team Hogan, remember? Number two, I’m doing this movie because someone in this locker room loves bad horror movies like he loves watching Seinfeld.”

Jeff rolled his eyes. “Yada yada yada. Thanks Kurt. Ya killed my mood. Seinfeld Mondays won’t be the same until ya get back.”

“I know. But it’ll be worth it. I’ll see you in a bit Jeff.”

Jeff pouted comically at him and nodded slowly. “See ya in a month, Kurt.”

One month later:
Sacrifice, May 2010

Kurt walked into the back of the Impact Zone, looking around for Jeff. He spent a successful month filming River of Darkness, a horror movie where he played the hero. It couldn’t have gone any better, and with filming wrapped up he quickly booked a plane ticket back to Orlando. Back to Jeff, and back to Seinfeld Mondays. It didn’t matter that he had seen every episode when they premiered, or saw them in repeats with Jeff. When he held the other man in his arms while they lay in bed, listening to him laugh and make analogies to the Impact Zone, it was if they were all brand new again. He waved and paused to chat with everyone he missed, catching up in idle chit chat.

“Kurt Angle! How the hell are ya? How’d the filming go?”

Kurt turned around, smiling politely at Eric Bischoff. “It went well, thank you.”

“Hey, why don’t we catch up in my office?”

Kurt blinked at him, wondering what Eric could possibly want from him. “Ah, sure Eric. Lead the way.” He nodded and followed Eric down the hall toward his shared office with Hogan.

“Come on, take a seat.” He gestured to one of the plush chairs he had recently brought in. Once Kurt had taken his seat he offered him a drink.

“Thanks but no thanks.” Kurt glanced up toward the television watching the pay per view taking place. “So far so good?” He asked gesturing up toward the screen.

“Oh yeah, it’s going great. Couldn’t have asked for a better night, and the crowd’s hot.” Eric titled back in his large leather office chair, watching the action on the screen along with Kurt. “How’d the filming go?” He took a long sip out of his glass of brandy. “You know that I’m interested in that sort of thing.”

“Oh, great. It went great, Eric. No bumps, no problems. It went pretty well. I was expecting more of a hassle because no one seemed to be pretty high on filming a horror movie. I guess it’s harder to act in them and make it seem believable.”

“Depends on the horror. Not everything is scary to the same person. Some people are afraid of dying; some people are afraid of something as stupid and insignificant as a bug. Fear is an interesting thing like that. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone has a fear. What’s your movie about, Kurt?”

“I play a sheriff who hunts these three brothers. It’s not really a serious horror movie, it’s like a B movie.” Kurt frowned, watching Eric’s jovial face.
“I did it because it sounded like fun.”

“Oh, oh. I see, horror movies can be fun I guess. But do you think it came out scary?”

Kurt fidgeted in his chair. He looked at Eric’s face, his smile never wavered. “I don’t know, I guess. It wasn’t as if we were trying to make The Shining.”

“Oh, well... I’m sure your director did his job properly.” He took a drink out of his glass and continued to smile at him, a seemingly harmless gesture that he seemed uninterested in stopping. “What are you afraid of, Kurt?”

Kurt raised an eyebrow. “I’m not sure. I’d really have to think about that one.”

“Everyone’s afraid of something.”

“Yeah, I’m aware of that Eric.”

“Good to know that you’re not dwelling on things like that.” He sat back in his chair, rolling a bit to the side so he could see the screen. “Have you had a chance to see Jeff yet? I know you two are an item.”

“We are. And no, I haven’t. You caught me before I could go wish him luck.”

Kurt turned away from Eric, his attention fully on the screen as Jeff’s music blared out into the Impact Zone. Moments passed, and his music cycled through. No Jeff. The camera cut away to the backstage area where Sting was busy assaulting his lover with a baseball bat. Blood gushed down his face, traveling in crimson trails down his chest. Kurt’s hands instinctively gripped the handles of his chair.

“I love a good backstage brawl, don’t you?”

“What the hell is going on Eric?” Kurt’s eyes were fixated on the screen, never letting them travel to the back to the other man’s face. He clenched his jaw, watching his lover try to crawl away as Sting cracked his bat down on him. His loud howl of pain cut through him as Jeff on his hands and knees reached out for the announcement table.

“We’re pushing the storyline for Bound for Glory. Man, Jeff can sell a beating can’t he?” He chuckled slightly.

“I… I don’t-”

“Don’t want, Kurt? You don’t like this? Don’t you think Jeff’s a great actor? It’s like he’s being murdered out there!”

Sting pulled Jeff back, hooking his arm and shoulder underneath his black baseball bat. He yanked on it as Kurt continued to watch helplessly from his chair, frozen in his seat. “Yeah, great. I don’t like this, Eric. I don’t like this at all.” He took in a breath, letting it out shakily. He couldn’t help it. He never liked this type of a match to begin with, even less so now that he was watching his lover being beaten out there. It wasn’t real, but that did not change the horror he internally felt. “Is there going to be a run in?”

“Nope! Well, no wait. Hogan’s coming out in a minute or so. It’ll take him a bit- Jeff really has to sell this more.”

Jeff finally made it back to the ring, his blood dripping down from his wounds, staining the canvas.

“How long is this supposed to go on for?”

Eric titled his head watching the pulse in Kurt’s neck throbbing slightly, the sweat on his forehead beginning to show. “Another minute or so. It’s gone so quick! Jeff’s doing such a great job. He ragdolls so well. Look at him out there, flat on the canvas like a champ.”

Kurt finally tore his attention away from the screen, looking at Eric’s static, smiling face. His pulse was heavy and long, his hands clenching at the seat’s handles. He finally removed them, curling his hands into fists, imaging them connecting with Eric’s smug face over, and over again.

“Something the matter Kurt?”

Hogan’s music finally hit. Kurt’s eyes flitted back up toward the screen as the presence of the Immortal One made Sting back off. However, not before he pushed Jeff off the stretcher. Kurt pushed himself out of the chair, heading out of Eric’s office toward the back. He heard Eric shout
“Nice talking to ya Kurt!” but he paid it no mind as he made his way toward the trainer’s area. People swarmed the area, making it hard for him to make it through in the tight hallway. “Jeff! JEFF!” He shouted out but through the clamor of noise and all the people he doubted the other man could hear him as he was escorted through the crowd. All the people around him, the noise, the smell, the body heat was drowning him. “Excuse me! Please move.” He muttered shoving his way through the crowd.
He reached out for the door knob, turning it frantically. He stumbled into the room, panting and red faced. He ran a hand over his sweaty face, shaking his head slowly. Jeff was sitting on the bench his back turned toward the door.

“Can ya believe it? I gotta pretend I hurt my right shoulder when I actually injured the damn left one! Ugh, stupid stretcher.” Jeff complained adjusting the ice pack on his injured shoulder.

“Jeff…?” Kurt called out stumbling forward. He sat down on the bench beside him drinking in the surprise on his lover’s face.

“Kurt! You’re here! What a surprise! Oh how I missed ya!” He threw his good arm around Kurt’s shoulders and hugged the other man. He pulled away and frowned. “Dang, sorry. Got my blood all over ya. I’ll run that shirt through the wash when we get back home.”

Kurt looked down at himself and then at Jeff’s face; the spot where he bladed was still dribbling blood, the skin around it red and angry looking. Blood stained his blonde hair red, drying rapidly and making it stiff. He put his hand on Jeff’s cheek, watching as the other man sighed in contentment and leaned into it.

“Oh, I missed you. You have no idea. I’m sorry I look like such a mess. Had I known ya were coming I woulda showered first.” He looked up at Kurt’s face, noticing the odd mixture of solemn relief etched over his features.
“Kurt, ya okay?”

“Yeah, I just- I didn’t know you were getting squashed tonight.”

“Oh that. I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were comin’, I woulda warned ya. But it’s not a big deal, I was cool with it.”

“It’s a big deal to me.” Kurt frowned. “I don’t… I don’t know. I don’t like seeing you get beat up. I don’t like not being able to stop the beat down-”

“Kurt, ya know it’s not real. I may look a mess an’ aside from landin’ wrong when I fell off the stretcher I’m fi-”

“I don’t care, either way it was pretty damn scary.” Kurt sighed, shaking his head. “Listen, Jeff- I can’t really put into words how I feel, but I don’t like the idea of watching you get beat up. I don’t give a crap that it’s not real, because it’s real to me. I don’t want to see you hurt. I hate it.”

“Oh Kurt. Come ‘ere.” He murmured and reached out to pull Kurt to him. The other man’s head rested against his shoulder. Jeff kissed the back of his head. “It’s okay. It’s over. An’ now I got a month off. A month to be with my Kurt- that’s like what? Four weeks a Seinfeld Mondays? Ya gotta tell me all about your horror movie, too.”

Kurt pulled away from him, reaching out to take the towel from the trainer. He carefully cleaned off Jeff’s face. “…I don’t want to talk about horror movies right now, Jeff. Not for a long awhile.”

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February - March Writing Contest. Empty Re: February - March Writing Contest.

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