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Retard :)

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Retard :) Empty Retard :)

Post by Zac McGuire on Tue Apr 12, 2011 9:30 pm

Well I'm retarded. I found this blog with lots of sexy pics on it haha I enjoyed it so i clicked through all the archives. Every once in a while, I'd find a pic and be like "Oh hey, that makes me think of Zac and Quincy/Chris and Dustin/Kevin and Rick, etc." So I saved the pic. Here I will put all the pics I found.

Zac And Quincy:

Retard :) Feet10

Retard :) Quincy10

Retard :) Zacqui10

Retard :) Zacqui11

Retard :) Zacqui12

Retard :) Zacqui13

Retard :) Zacqui14

Retard :) Zacqui15

Biddy and Zac:
Okay I got two of these *shrug*

Retard :) Zacbid10

Retard :) Zacbid10

Chris and Dustin:

Retard :) Chrisd11

Retard :) Chrisd12

Retard :) Chrisd13

Retard :) Dustin10

That ones just Dustin but I had to put it in hehehe Razz

Kevin and Rick:

Retard :) Kevric10

Retard :) Rickke11

Well there ya go. Thats it I think. If I find anymore I'll post another one of these.
Zac McGuire
Zac McGuire

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