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Property of Rick McGuire

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Property of Rick McGuire Empty Property of Rick McGuire

Post by Zac McGuire on Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:33 am

This is another one of my journal things. I did one for Zac so heres one for Rick.

This is after Rick went back to Sydney after he and Kevin fucked.
Rick muse: "MADE LOVE!"
Me: Whatever Rolling Eyes

Dear Journal,
Okay, I dont' know whats fucking wrong with me. I'm awful. Well you know how Syd and I had that big fight? She took Carrie, walked out on me. I was out in the cemetary a few weeks ago. Just walking when I found Syd's brother, Kevin. He kept hurting himself, bawling his eyes out. I like the kid. He's nice and all. So I took him in. I carried him home and... well, long story short, we fucked. I promised Kevin I wouldn't leave him when Sydney came back which we both knew she would. That was a few weeks ago. But yesterday, she came back. Started bawling on me... what was I supposed to do? Say "Hey, I sorta fucked your brother. Too bad for you. Bye now." and toss her out?
I love her...
Then last night we sorta had makeup sex. I leaned in to kiss her and when i opened my eyes it wasn't her under me. I saw him... Kevin. I sorta squealed a bit. Apparently she thought it was from pleasure or something, I dunno. But she giggled and let it go. But no matter what I did, I just didn't see her. I was fucking Kevin. He wouldn't go away. And god, the worst part is... I didn't want him to.... I love Sydney to death, she's such a great girl, really. But when I was with Kevin... I don't even know. I can't describe it. Then when I woke up this morning, it was HIM in bed next to me instead of her. I swear I'm going crazy... I can't stop seeing him. I.. I think I miss him? I want him... but I can't just leave her. I think Alex will stab me. I just... I don't know anymore. I guess I'll deal with it... I just wanna make love to him one more time... no, fuck, I mean.... fuck him. Yeah, it was just a fuck.... right?

This is the first night Alan molested Rick.

Dear Journal,
Okay, last night was real weird... I'm not sure what I did. But Im not supposed to tell anyone. Not even Chrissy. Which is weird. But uncle Alan said I'd get in big trouble if I told. But I just did what he told me to? I don't know... Well momma and daddy went out last night. they dropped off me and chrissy at uncle alan's house. chrissy don't like uncle alan. he stayed up in his room. but i stayed downstairs and played with uncle alan. we played basket ball outside. I WON! but i think he let me win. oh well. but he said I was sweaty so he told me i should go shower. i said okay and went up to the bathroom and got a bath. when i got out i was putting on clean clothes and he came in and just stood there. i asked him what he was doing. he just said i looked sexy. i asked him what that meant and he said "good enough to eat" i didn't know what that meant either though. he said he'd show me. he sat me down on the toilet, still naked and licked my penis. i made a weird noise but i couldn't really help it. i told him to stop it, cause it felt weird but he said it would get better. So i let it go. He kept doing it until this white stuff squirted out of me. Then he smiled at me and asked if it felt good. it did sorta but... i dunno. so i just said yes. he smiled again and then took his pants off and pulled out his own penis. he asked me if I would do the same thing to him that he just did to me. so i said okay because if i said no i think he would get mad.... so i got down on my knees and did my best to do what he had just done. so i started licking and sucking on it.. it was so BIG... i never put the whole thing in my mouth but at the end he grabbed the back of my head and held me down when he squirted white stuff like me. he made me swallow it all... it was awful, that did not feel good at ALL. I feel sick now....

This one is when Alan raped Rick.

Dear Journal,
I can't walk. I can't move at all. I can't sit. I can't lay on my back. I have to lay on my stomach. That's the only way I can move without it hurting like hell. He raped me.... I'm old enough now, I know thats what he's been preparing me for this whole time.... uncle Alan... he raped me. I... I can't describe the pain I'm in. My hole is burning, bleeding. I'm still naked I haven't even cleaned up yet. I don't have the energy. I'm just... emotionless. I'm bawling but nto making a sound. I don't know what to do... he just took my virginity... well, i guess I'll explain how it happened. Well, like always mom and dad dropped me and chris off at uncle Alan's place. Chris locked himself in his room. I tried to go up to mine. I didn't feel good tonight and I really didn't wanna play with his "johnson" lately, I've been trying to tell him I don't want to but he just begs and begs until i do it anyway. well I was almost in my room when he walked up beside me. he asked where i was going. I told him i felt sick so I wanted to go lay down. he said no, he had something that would make me feel better. i shook my head and said i didnt want to suck him off tonight. he said no, he had something else for me. i was confused but now i was curious so i walked back to his bedroom with him. he took off my clothes and laid me down on my stomach on the bed. he took his pants off and got on top of my ass. by this time I knew what he was doing. "No! I'm a virgin!" I shook my head firmly at him. but he simply nodded and said "I know." then I tried to push him off but he slapped me. and next thing i know he pushed into me. the pain was unbearable... i screamed as loud as i could. I screamed for mom, dad, chris, everyone. he hit me and told me to shut up. he just kept moving, going faster and faster. i could feel my ass tearing... i kept crying for chris though. he was a few rooms away, he had to hear me, right? maybe he just didn't care... Alan just kept going until he squirted inside me. i felt it, it felt so gross. i was still bawling as the door swung open. Chris stood at the door. His jaw dropped.
"what the fuck do you think you're doing?!" he cursed at Alan and ran to my side as Alan pulled out of me. I grabbed onto him and cried. he pushed me off. i looked up at him incredulously, i just wanted someone to hold me. but then i realized why he did it. Chris was now on top of Alan, punching him as many times as he could.
"RICK! CALL the police!!" He screamed at me, then went back to Alan. I heard him cursing at him and I grabbed for Alan's cell phone in the bedside table drawer. When I found it I called the police like Chris had told me. minutes later they were there. some of the men handcuffed Alan and took him away. then another lady came over and checked on me. she asked me questions like, had i asked him to stop? did it feel good? how long had this been going on? but I couldn't answer her. I was crying too hard. after a bit, chris screamed at all the people surrounding me and pushed through to hold me. it was weird, chris and I never really get along but he let me cry in his chest, he rocked me back and forth as I cried. he asked me if i wanted him to tell mom and dad. i said no. i dont want anyone to know. they'll pity me and I don't want that. so I told chris he couldn't tell anyone at all. he said okay but he was gonna tell alex. but anyway, i can't move but ive stopped crying sorta... im gonna go to bed now i guess....

This next one is the night Rick lost his virginity. At thirteen.

Dear Journal,
Okay, I feel like complete and total SHIT. I feel dirty.... okay, so, last night, Chris took me to this high school party. we were all playing truth or dare. It was Ariana Matthew's turn. Ariana fucking Matthews. She's a Senior. A HOT senior. Chris is only a Junior but she was making out with him anyways. When it was her turn, someone dared her to let me fuck her. guess it was a joke or something. she's eighteen and I just turned thirteen. I was the only middle schooler at the party. so, she didn't even think. she just agreed. But i didn't want to. I'm thirteen and I'm a virgin, well, other than that one time but I think of myself as a virgin. well when i didn't follow her into the bedroom everyone started laughing. saying how the little kid wasn't ready for big boy parties, shit like that. chris got on em, telling em to stop it. I was only thirteen. But I couldn't turn this down... so I led her into the bedroom. she stripped, I did the same and told her to lay down. she did and i climbed on top of her but i wasn't sure what i was doing. i mean, yeah, ive watched porn, ive had the birds and the bees talk but... i just dont know. its different, actually doing it. i was gentle as i pushed into her. i was being nice and slow, trying not to hurt her but she looked impatient. like she was pissed at me for trying to be nice. so i started being rough. fucking her. she seemed to like it then. I dont know. Im gonna sound like a dork for this but... I didn't like it. Sure, i guess it felt good and all but it was wet and nasty. I dont know. Ignore me I guess. anyway i feel totally gross right now... imma get a shower..
Zac McGuire
Zac McGuire

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