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Imagination. Empty Imagination.

Post by Devin Riley-McDaniels on Fri May 13, 2011 10:52 pm

Well I dunno really where this came from. It was just me rambling sort of. Eh, I don't know *shrug* It sucks but... enjoy I guess.
Devin Riley-McDaniels wasn’t one to fall in love. He fucked, one night stands and that was all.
Until one day almost three months ago now. He’d tried to bribe Lane McCormick to get him in listed in war.
Biggest mistake of his life.
Because now he was trapped. No going back….
He’d completely forgotten all about Titan when Lane turned him down that day. Now it just turned into a challenge. Someone who wouldn’t fuck him? That needed to be fixed. Now.
After a bit of persuasion Lane realized that Devin looked just like his mother.
Alex Riley. The same man Lane was deeply in love with…
Devin agreed to let Lane pretend he was Alex and they were on.
It only took the first kiss and Devin liked Lane more than all the other random people he fucked.
Devin was nervous but he gave Lane his virginity that night, and he never even knew. Still didn’t. Alex wasn’t a virgin so it would be stupid to say that…
Devin had never felt as loved as he did on that night. Lane kissed him with so much love and passion. He felt like he was making love…
And maybe this was why when Lane came with a shout of his mother’s name instead of his own, it stung so fucking bad.
But Devin, being Devin, shrugged it off.
In the aftermath of their coupling, when the two were cuddling in bed Lane spoke four simple words.
“I love you Alex…”
Devin sighed. He didn’t love the man yet. Far from it. But he responded with.
“Love you too Lane.”

Now where they were, three months later, Devin really did love the other man. He was caught up in the rough, loving ways of Lane McCormick just like his mother had been so many years ago.
So, letting Lane McCormick get a hold of his heart was the worst move Devin had ever made.
As a young boy, when he realized all the hurt and heartbreak everyone went through, he promised himself he would let no one. And he meant NO ONE, do that to him. He would never fall in love.
He’d broken that promise.
As much as he might deny it, he was so fucking in love with Lane.
But Lane wasn’t in love with Devin…
He was in love with Alex Riley. Always would be.
“Um I got one of those gettogethers to go to babe.” Devin sighed at Lane one day.
“Mmm, okay Boo. I’ll be here when you get back.”
Devin pecked his cheek and walked out before Lane could say the name Alex.
Devin cherished the conversations they had where Lane never called him the wrong name.
So he was grinning wide as he walked into Mike and Alex’s house.
He sat down on the arm of the couch alone, just smiling to himself.
Zac watched him for a minute with a small smirk. Eventually, he walked over.
“No hello hug?”
“Oh sorry… hey Zac.” He was preoccupied with thoughts of his lover…
“My gosh, have you finally stopped crushing on me? Hallelujah!” He chuckled.
Devin smiled softly at him but said nothing.
“Damn, who is the lucky guy? Or girl?”
Devin looked up again, cocking his head.
“How’d you know I have a boyfriend?”
“I can tell cause you’re not trying to get me in bed.”
“Oh… right. Well y’know. If you really wanna, the offer is here.”
Zac laughed.
“There’s the Devin I know. Well anyways I know there’s someone. Spill child.” He poked him.
“Lane? Lane McCormick. Know him?”
Zac frowned.
“Yeah I know him… kid he’s bad news.”
“H-huh? No he isn’t.”
Zac learned to hate Lane.
Mike hated Lane. Because of that, Kevin hated Lane. And therefore, Zac hated Lane.
“I dunno.. Maybe he isn’t all that bad. I just know half the family hates him.” He shrugged. “So, following in my footsteps eh?”
“What do you mean?”
“Dating someone like a billion years older than you who the family hates.”
“Damn, guess I am.” He chuckled.
“And Lane is older than Quincy, and you’re younger than me. So ha!” He grinned.
“Hush… just if you see him or something don’t mention this…”
“Why?” Zac frowned, tilting his head.
“Just don’t.”
“Hun, whats the matter?” He sighed. “You havin’ your first heartbreak?”
“No. Its nothing. He just… its complicated Zac.”
Zac ruffled his hair.
Quincy saw the two together and groaned but Zac gestured him over.
He came, lifting Zac and sitting back on the couch with him in his lap.
“Just wanted you to know we aren’t flirting. He’s got a boyfriend.”
“Really?” Quincy raised an eyebrow.
“In the family?”
“Uh, sorta? He’s dating…Lane.”
“McCormick?” Quincy’s eyes bulged.
“Yup.” Devin nodded at him.
“I don’t believe it.” He shook his head. Lane was one of the ones who thought Quincy was weird for dating someone so much younger. He’d never do that. And he didn’t even want Sarah after breaking up with Alex. Why would he want some brat?
Yes, Zac was a brat too. But he was Quincy’s brat.
“Why don’t you believe it?” Zac asked.
“He wouldn’t date someone so young. Or anyone but Alex.”
Zac hummed and turned to Devin, looking him over before finally realizing.
“Alex is your momma…” Everything began to click together… “Aw Dev… you’re shitting me..”
“What?” Quincy and Devin asked simultaneously.
“Devin he doesn’t…” He sighed.
“Zac what?” Devin raised an eyebrow..
“You said not to mention your relationship to him… he… he doesn’t know he’s in a relationship with Devin Riley-McDaniels. In his eyes, he’s with… your momma again…”
“Yeah.” Devin averted his gaze.
“And you… love him?”
“And he loves Alex, not you?”
“Ding ding ding. You are correct. Congrats.” Devin sighed as his heart constricted painfully.
“Damn… welcome to the club. Love sucks a lot. But eventually you’ll get past this and you’ll end up with an amazing fiance. Trust me.” He smiled softly and pecked Quincy’s cheek.
“No. No I won’t. And if I do and we get married he’ll call me fucking Alex as we say our vows.” He growled and slammed his fist down on the couch.
“Hun… I’m sorry…” He hugged the boy lightly.
“Whatever. Not your fault. It’s mine for being such a dumb ass…”
Even Quincy had to feel a bit bad for the boy…
“Well I came to see everyone but…” He locked eyes with his mother across the room. “I’m going now.”
Alex waved at his son. Devin glared and flipped him off, storming out the door.
Alex looked taken aback, confused and a bit hurt.
Zac and Quincy were simultaneous in walking over and patting his shoulder.
“Don’t worry Grampa. He didn’t mean it.” Zac kissed his forehead.
“Am I missing something?” Alex frowned deeply.
“Yes. Something big.”
“That’s not my place to tell you. Devin or… the other person involved has to tell you.”
“Who’s the other person?”
“I can’t tell you that.”
“Ugh. This is frustrating.”
“I know it is but you just gotta wait. Devin might not ever tell you…”
Alex sighed and kissed Zac’s soft black hair.

Meanwhile, Devin had ran back to Lane’s.
Lane grinned widely when his lover plopped into his lap.
They sat like this for a while, cuddling, occasionally kissing. Until Lane’s wondering hands took over, massaging Devin’s hips.
And soon they were up in the bedroom, mouths molding together, hands tugging at clothing, pulling and tearing. When they were both butt naked Devin took Lane’s face in his hands and pressed their lips together passionately.
“I love you.” He whispered. It was clear he meant it. He did. He loved Lane so much.
“I love you too…”
Devin beamed at this until Lane added one more word…
Devin immediately stood on shaky legs.
“I… I have to go…” He shook his head as he dressed quickly, running out the door like his life depended on it, stumbling over his own two feet several times until he was safely away from the house leaving Lane staring, confused after him.
He snarled as he felt the warm tears slip from his eyes.
He was such a pussy.
He ran until he made it to Zac and Quincy’s park. He sat down on the rock and bawled. He put his head in his hands and let go. He let everything out.
A few hours later he was finished and better again. Well not really. But he was ready to pretend he was better again.
He stood and made his way back to Lane’s, ready to act as his mother once more….
He knew he wouldn’t end this. He needed the older man. Even though he was hurting, he would let this continue. He would keep coming back.
Now all he needed was an excuse for leaving so abruptly.

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