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Post by Rick McGuire on Fri Jan 14, 2011 5:50 pm

Damn Bruce and the camera he always seems to have...

If that boy does not stop taking pictures of me I'll scream.

Where the fuck did that hat come from? It needs to be burnt. Immediately. As does this photo.

Ahh, I'm such a nerd at times.

Alright, what the fuck is up with my hair? O.o

Me and Kate. Alright, whoever took this is getting my foot lodged so far up their ass that they can taste sneaker. Yes Bruce that means you...

Nother ex of mine. Swear, Bruce is dead the second I get my hands on him.


Ahh, good times...

LMAO, I have some serious problems...

Yupp... he's so dead. I need to delete this shit.

Oh yes. This is my michael jackson pose:)

Yeah... you're still dead man. But thanks I guess. For puttin up with my shit...

My new baby... Smile Really hope this one don't end badly.

*sigh* dream about this a lot...

Me Bruce and Luke. Ahh, the trouble we have caused... Smile

Aha! Payback for all the embarassing photos! What now mutha fu-... fudger... yesh that was TOTALLY what I was about to say Wink

I really shouldn't pick on kids... but its so fun:) The kid had it comin, he pissed on Bruce's locker

Huh, yes, I'm sexy in this one;)

damn look at our badass poses. We rock:)

Once again, kid had it comin....

XD Bruce's face when he saw a chick naked XD

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