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Whatever Ezra Wants...

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Whatever Ezra Wants... Empty Whatever Ezra Wants...

Post by Ezra Nielsen on Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:00 pm

Okay this isn't really anything. Just a small thing I wrote cause I was bored when Mikey was gone. I hope you enjoy it though. Smile
Ezra set the webcam up on his computer, fixing his hair before pressing the record button.
He didn’t write in a diary, he recorded the days happenings and saved them on his computer.
“Hey there! Its me, Ezra again. Ya know, lately these video thingys have been pretty boring but today I got some exciting shit to tell you! Drum roll!” He repeatedly beat his hands on the bed, sounding very little like drums but oh well. “I had my first kiss!” He clapped his hands excitedly, beaming at the camera. “I know! And I know what you’re thinking, ‘but Ezra! You don’t even have a boyfriend! Who could you possibly have kissed?!’ Well, I kissed a guy I JUST met! How… slutty of me.” He giggled. “He’s my… uncle I think? Sort of?” He shrugged. “He’s mommas half brother. Alex Riley Junior. I met him at the gettogether today. Okay, now I am going to act out what happened. When I have the cowboy hat, I am my grandpa Dustin, with the baseball hat I am Alex. Got it? Kay.” He put the cowboy hat on and began speaking, acting as if he was all three different people.
“Howdy Ezra! Ah’m cookin us up some barbecue!” His southern accent was awful, not like Dustin’s at all. Although Ezra had a light accent himself from his mother. He took off the cowboy hat and put on the baseball hat. “Dontcha mean BURNING us up some dead animals?” He added a laugh.
Ezra took off the hat and spoke in his normal voice only lower, sexier.
“Oh Alex! You’re so funny! Kiss me!” He paused, looking at the camera. “Okay… maybe that’s not exactly how it went…” He giggled. “I really said ‘Looks... good? I think what… HE said is more accurate.’” He put the baseball hat on and spoke again.
“Excuse me, I have no idea where my manners went. Im Alex Riley.” He extended a hand which he shook with his other hand. Hat off.
“I'm Ezra Nielsen. Pleasure to meet you.” Hat back on. “Nice to meet you Ezra.” Then he spoke like normal. “Now, I don’t have a hat for momma so I’ll just tell ya what he said. Alex asked if I was his and momma said yes, all mine and you can’t have him… pfft, momma he can have whatever he wants..” Ezra smirked. “I’m getting tired with the damn hats. So I will just tell you the rest. Alex said “I don’t want him, which no offense, you are very beautiful, but I am still going strong with my high school sweetheart,” How adorable is that!?! He’s still with his high school girlfriend! Oh but not for long. Bitch better watch out.” He growled at the camera playfully. “Rawr! Then I said none taken and how that was sweet and stuff. Then he told me all this shit about how they’re so in love and blah blah blah. Then I walked off. We didn’t talk again until we all started playing truth or dare. I picked Gabriel and then he came back and asked me. I picked truth like always and he asked me, if I could choose any person in the room to give my virginity to, who would it be? And guess who I said? Alex, duh! He didn’t really say anything but his dumbass wife is like ‘Oh how sweet!’ and all gushy and shit. No bitch! It ain’t sweet! It means I WANT TO FUCK YOUR HUSBAND. I mean come on! You do not say it is sweet when someone says they want to fuck your man! If she was a half decent wife she’d be all up in my face like ‘Oh you wanna go!?’ And kick my ass! I mean at least then I’d respect her but nope. She just sits there like a dumbass, cooing and shit. Ugh. I do not like her stupid ass. Anyways, then that was that. Then a while later it was Alex’s turn. My uncle Lance dared him to kiss someone in the room other than his wife. Then you are not going to fucking get this. Alex turns to her and asks permission to do it. How sweet is he? He’s like the best husband ever. And what does she do? She says ‘Of course!’ I mean COME ON. You are the worst fucking wife in existence! You do not give your husband permission to kiss another person. That is like just telling him to cheat on you! Like saying, ‘Oh yes go stick your tongue down someone’s throat, I don’t mind. Not like you can find anyone better than me and my conceited ass.’ GRRRR. Someone slit this bitch’s throat PLEASE before I do. Well bitch you made a big mistake. Cause guess who he picked to kiss. Muah!” He pointed to himself. “Okay now Ima calm down and tell you exactly what he did. He stood up and walked over to me. He then knelt down in front of me and took my chin in his hand. He said ‘hey beautiful… mind if I steal a kiss?’” Ezra mock swooned and fell back on the bed. “So then I had a little heart attack and argument in my head with myself but finally I said ‘um…sure.’ Cause that is just how smooth I am.” He groaned. “And then he kissed me… it was perfect. You don’t even know… It was just amazing… I… really like him. Its not just a crush. I’ve had little crushes on Gabe and grampa Dustin, you know that but… this is so different. I feel like… I NEED him…” He shook his head. “Like he is THE one. But he can’t be can he? He’s already the one for October. He can’t be the one for two people can he? Maybe he isn’t for October… maybe there’s someone else for her or whatever. Cause I KNOW I am meant to be with him. I just… know it. I can’t explain the feeling or WHY I know it. I just do. So when he was done kissing me he kissed my cheek and just looked into my eyes for a second. I KNOW he felt the same spark I did. So his wife? Well she better watch out. Because…” He tilted the computer so the camera stayed on him even as he got up and began dancing slowly. “Whatever Ezra wants… Ezra gets! And Alex… Ezra wants you!” He winked at the camera, pressing the stop recording button and putting his laptop away. He then peeked out the door to his room. After the gettogether, his parents had offered to let Alex and October spend the night since their new home was a while away and they’d been very tired. They all seemed to be in bed so Ezra strolled out of his room in nothing but his small shorts that read “Fag” across the ass.
He sang lowly to himself.
“Whatever Ezra wants, Ezra gets…” He swayed his hips as he made himself a vanilla milkshake with his special soy milk and ice cream since he was a vegan. The fridge was full of his weird fake meat and soy shit.
“Whatever Ezra wants! Ezra gets! And little man, Ezra wants you…” He smirked to himself as he poured the shake into a cup and took a sip, spinning around and using a turkey baster as a mic.
“Whatever Ezra wants, Ezra gets! An-” He dropped the shake to the ground, splattering everywhere as he noticed Alex Jr standing in the doorway to the kitchen with an amused smile on his face.
Ezra’s face turned a bright red.
“Don’t be embarrassed, its your house.” Alex chuckled softly. “I was just going to ask you where the bathroom was… but I didn’t want to interrupt your concert..”
Ezra was still blushing as he pointed to a hallway off to the side.
“Down there… second door on the left…”
“Thanks Ezra.” Alex walked off and Ezra fell to his knees to clean up the mess he had made.
About a minute later, he was too immersed in scrubbing the floor to realize Alex was back. All of a sudden Alex’s voice sounded.
“Need some help?”
Ezra gasped, falling backwards and hitting his head off the sink.
“Shit! I’m sorry.” Alex cursed, kneeling down and checking on the boy’s head.
“S’fine but can ya please like… make some noise and let me know you’re coming.” Ezra grumbled. “But its okay. It didn’t hurt…”
“Shit, you’re bleeding.” Alex stood, grabbing a towel and holding it to Ezra’s head which was indeed gushing blood.
“I’m fine. Really.” Ezra nodded at him.
“How? You’re head is like… bashed open.”
“I don’t feel pain…”
“It’s a disease I was born with. I don’t feel pain.”
“That’s… cool. Weird but cool.” Alex nodded, his eyes showing interest.
“Yeah… its like my nerves are messed up or some shit? I don’t really know, ask my dad.” He chuckled.
Alex smiled softly.
“So wait, if its with your nerves like… do you feel stuff during sex? Your prostate is like nerves right?” Alex questioned, curiously.
“I wouldn’t know.” Ezra shrugged.
“Oh right, virgin, sorry.” Alex apologized.
“That’s fine.” Ezra nodded. “I don’t know from experience but daddy says I should.”
Alex nodded but frowned.
“Ezra… you’re losing a lot of blood…”
“I know… I’ll be fine though. Just.. You can go to bed if you need to, I can hold the towel on.”
“Nah, this is my fault. I’ll stay here.” Alex nodded.
Ezra slowly leaned into Alex with a sigh.
Alex wrapped an arm around the boy’s bare waist, the other hand holding the towel over his nephew’s wound.
“Lets go get your dad, come on.” He nodded, scooping Ezra into his arms bridal style and waking David.
David groaned as he led his son and his brother in law to the room he did all his doctor stuff in.
“Ezra you gotta be more careful… just cause you don’t feel it doesn’t mean it can’t hurt you..” David sighed as he cleaned Ezra up and stitched the wound.
“Sorry daddy…” Ezra sighed.
Alex watched David work with interest, he didn’t really notice but he was holding Ezra’s hand…
And Ezra was loving that…
He would get Alex Riley if it was the last thing he did...

Whatever Ezra Wants... Whatez10

Whatever Ezra Wants... Ezrasi10
Ezra Nielsen
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Whatever Ezra Wants... Empty Re: Whatever Ezra Wants...

Post by Trever Murdock on Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:46 pm

Awww, this is adorable Alex! I loved it xD
Your Erza is so cute heheh

Whatever Ezra Wants... Trevsi10
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