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Post by Asher Reed on Thu Jun 16, 2011 7:26 am

* What is your character's full name?
Joslin Avery Cruz
* Where and when were they born?
He wasn’t born. His mother had a miscarriage on October 26th.
* Who are their parents?
He doesn’t know.
* Do they have any siblings? If so, who are they?
* Where do they live and who with?
He lives with Chord VanDeKamp, his lover and their two kids, Avery and Bruno.
* What is their occupation?
He is now a stay at home mother.
* What do they look like?
He has brilliant violet eyes, they’re one of his most beautiful features. He has a very small, graceful body covered in tattoos with an ass that would bring any man to his knees. He is a natural brunette but is always dying his hair.
* Do they have any diseases, allergies, or physical weaknesses?
No, he is healthy.
* What words or phrases do they use that defines them?
* Do they have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other characteristics that are specific to them.
Not particularly.

Now that we have our basic building blocks for our character, our next step is to describe their history. It is our history that defines who we become. Because of that, we need to know what happened to our character in the past.

* How would you describe the character's childhood in general?
He was a pretty content child, always getting in trouble.
* What is their earliest memory?
Making a little boy cry on the playground.
* What was their school like and how did they like it there?
He was very shy until he was nine. He got a boyfriend and together they were very popular.
* Where did they learn the skills and abilities that they most use in the present?
Well… he doesn’t really consider himself good at much but fucking. Asher and Kyndal taught him all of his techniques in bed.
* When growing up, did they have any role models?
Not really. He just looked up to his boyfriend Daniel…
* When growing up, how did they get along with their family?
Never knew em.
* What did they want to be when they were a child?
A singer.
* When was their first kiss and who with?
When he was thirteen with Daniel Ferrara <3
* Who was their first love?
Daniel Ferrara…
* Are they a virgin, and if not, when and with whom did they lose their virginity?
Pfft, far from it. But he lost it when he was sixteen to Daniel.
* Describe any influences in their past which led them into becoming the person that they are today.
Daniel broke his heart which turned him into the slut he was…
* What do they consider to be the most important event of their life so far?
His transformation from innocent to sexy.
* Who has had the most influence on them and why?
Daniel for breaking his heart which made him so cold…
* What do they consider to be their greatest achievement?
Going from a boy no one wanted to a sex god everyone wants
* What is their greatest regret?
Trusting Daniel.
* Do they have a criminal record of any kind? If so, why?
Yes, prostitution, public indecency… the list goes on and on.
* What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to them?
Finding out on his wedding day that his fiancé had been cheating…
* What is their best and worst memory?
Worst: Hearing Daniel admit to cheating.
Best: That first time he let Chord just hug him after he gave in…

The next thing that we need to work on is our character's beliefs. Now we are getting into the closest parts of their soul.

* Are they an optimist or a pessimist?
Little of both.
* What is your character's greatest fear?
Chord cheating…
* What are their views on sex?
He used to believe it was special and you should only do it when in love but now it is meaningless since he has done it with hundreds of men.
* What are their views on violence and killing?
Its perfectly fine.
* What do they feel is the most evil thing that a human being could do?
Cheat on their lover…
* What are their views on true love?
He has no clue really. He believed in it, then he didn’t and now he’s starting to believe again…
* How honest are they?
It depends on who he’s talking to.
* Are they biased or prejudiced in any way?
Not really.
* Is there anything that they would simply refuse to do no matter what the circumstances?
Cheat on Chord.
* Is there anyone or anything that they would die for?
Chord, Avery, Bruno, Asher, Zac and Kyndal.

Now let's move on to more matters of the heart. It's time to start exploring our character's relationships.

* How do they treat others in general?
He’s very cold and distant to people.
* Who is the most important person in their lives and why?
Chord VanDeKamp… none of your damn business.
* Who is the person that they respect the most and why?
Chord. For being so persistent and getting him to love again
* Who are their friends?
Asher, Zac, Kyndal, and Aristotle.
* Do they have a spouse or a significant other?
* Have they ever been in love?
* What is their ideal mate?
Chord Lyric VanDeKamp…
* How close are they to their family?
Not at all.
* Do they have children? If not, do they want them?
Yes, he has one biological son, Avery and another son who isn’t really his, Bruno.
* Who would they turn to for help?
Chord, Asher, Kyndal or Zac.
* Do they trust anyone to protect them? If so, then who?
* If they suddenly went missing, who would come looking for them?
Chord, Asher, Zac and Kyndal.
* Who is the person that they hate the most?
Daniel Ferrara for breaking his heart…
* Do they tend to argue with people or avoid conflict?
He usually argues.
* Do they tend to take on positions of leadership?
* Do they like interacting with large groups of people?
Yesh, as Asher would put it, he is an attention whore.
* Do they care about how others think about them?

So now we have come to the last part of our character, the little things that help us define who they really are.

* What is their favorite hobbies and pastimes?
Used to be sex. Now its playing with Avery and Bruno.
* What is their most treasured possession?
Chord’s love.
* What is their favorite food?
Anything watermelon flavored.
* What is their favorite color?
Bright blue.
* What do they do for entertainment?
Play with the kids or listen to Aristotle talk.
* How do they deal with stress?
He cuddles with Chord.
* Do they tend to plan things out, or do they tend to be more spontaneous?
He is very spontaneous.
* What are their pet peeves?
* What is their greatest strength?
His will.
* What is their greatest weakness?
His heart.
* If they could change one thing about themselves, what would it be?
How innocent he used to be.
* Are they an introvert or an extrovert?
Definitely extrovert
* Are they organized or messy?
* What things do they consider themselves good at?
Sex… not much else.
* What things do they consider themselves terrible at?
* Do they like themselves?
Sort of?
* What goals do they hope to accomplish in their lifetime?
Have Chord’s kid. Get his friend Asher a lover.
* Where do they see themselves in 5 years?
Married to Chord.
* What is the one thing that they want to be remembered for after they die?
He now wants to be remembered as a good lover and mother.

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