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Inside Biddy's Phone?

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Inside Biddy's Phone? Empty Inside Biddy's Phone?

Post by Alex Jr on Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:01 am

So I did this because I am DEPERATE to use Biddy And Blake and I cant, and im having like...Problems writing any character that isnt mine so I decided hell ill just make this after finding an adorable picture.
Enjoy Biddy's phone Very Happy

Inside Biddy's Phone? Ti4u_u10

Picture When Blake Calls:
Song: Smile - Avril Lavigne
Speed dial: 1
Inside Biddy's Phone? Harry_10

Picture When Momma Calls:
Song: I'll Be - Reba McIntyre
Speed dial: 2
Inside Biddy's Phone? 13206010

Picture When Daddy Calls:
Song: Im Just A Kid - Simple Plan
Speed dial: 3
Inside Biddy's Phone? Tumblr13

Picture When Jimmy Calls:
Song: -
Speed dial: -
Inside Biddy's Phone? 19293810

Picture When Rick Calls:
Song: Sexy Back - Justin Timerlake
Speed dial: 4
Inside Biddy's Phone? 221010

Picture When Higgy Calls:
Song: Popin Champagne - All Time Low
Speed dial: 5
Inside Biddy's Phone? Iansom10

Picture When Kevin Calls:
Song: Camiso - Fall Out Boy
Speed dial: 6
Inside Biddy's Phone? Jamiej10

Picture When Dewayne Calls:
Song: Therapy - All Time Low
Speed dial: 7
Inside Biddy's Phone? Tumblr14

Picture When Aaron Calls:
Song: Nobody's Home - Avril Lavigne
Speed dial: 8
Inside Biddy's Phone? 510

Picture When Zac Calls:
Song: Blink 182 - Adam's song
Speed dial: 9
Inside Biddy's Phone? 161010

Picture When Gabriel Calls:
Song: If You Seek Amy - Brittney Spears
Speed dial: 10
Inside Biddy's Phone? 0061010

Picture When Stacy Calls:
Song: Sparks Fly - Taylor Swift.
Speed dial: 11
Inside Biddy's Phone? Shawn-10

Picture When Damon Calls:
Song: Welcome To My Life - Simple Plan
Speed dial: 12
Inside Biddy's Phone? Image210

1) Buy Blake something special for his birthday
2) Remember Austin's baby food.
3) Remember to go grocery shopping.
4) Call Rick
5) Call Daddy
6) Call Stacy
7) Remember song lyrics "You make me smile." Write song for Blake.
8)Sing song for Blake.




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