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Post by Devin Riley-McDaniels on Tue May 10, 2011 6:53 am

Devin Riley McDaniels
As Played By: Hannah
Favorite Parings:Devin/Titan, Devin/Zac, Devin/Quincy, Devin/Biddy
Pairings I'd Try: Pretty much anything
Pairings I Wouldn't Touch With a Ten Foot Pole: cant think of any right now
Topics I Like:Angst, Drama, Romance..
Smut?: Hells yesh

How I Write This Character (Sample and/or Description):
“Dad do I really have to go?” Devin groaned at his father, bored expression on his face as he, Titan, Lance, his step mom, and his father filed into Mike and his mother’s house.
“Yes you do. And you’ll make a damn good impression too or I’ll whoop your ass boy.” Dustin nodded.
Devin rolled his eyes. It was one of the gettogethers today and the first one Devin had been allowed to come to. He was finally going to meet everybody. He’d met a lot of the family but not all.
He walked in, hands in his pockets and took a seat, laughing as Mike glared at him and Titan.
Mike hated him and maybe that was why he was bitter. But oh well. He was over it now and he hated Mike right back. Asshole.
Devin got himself a Coke and glanced around at everyone, noticing new faces everywhere.
And then one certain face caught his attention. He caught glimpse of the beautiful boy and it was like in a movie. He seemed to see in slow motion.
The long black hair fell in soft locks around the pale, gorgeous face… The black eyelashes batting over big, wide, innocent baby blues. The so far pursed, plump, pink lips spread to show dazzling white teeth, forming in a wide smile. Then the teeth too opened and a tinkling sound came out, far too angelic to be laughter and yet it was…
Devin’s eyes traveled from the face to the body.
The lithe hips swayed back and forth. There was no music playing but he was swaying in place happily. His shirt was skin tight and came up to just above his belly button. While his skin tight jeans sat on his waist, leaving a strip of skin revealed to all. His jeans clung to his tiny legs as he walked around, chatting up everyone.
Devin was drooling over the boy.
“Mom!” He called as Chris passed him. He normally fucked with his stepmother but he needed information. “Who the fuck is that?” He pointed to the boy, eyes wide.
Chris could see the hearts in his eyes.
“Oh hell no. Don’t even think about it kid.”
“What? Just tell me his name.” Devin rolled his eyes.
“His name is Zac but don’t try anything boy. He has a fiance. And his fiance is fucking scary. His fiance is your uncle actually.”
“Hmm… I think its worth a shot mom. See ya later. I’m getting that sex on a plate in my bed tonight.”
Chris laughed loudly.
“Have fun with that.”
Quincy would murder him.
“Oh I will.” Devin winked and walked up to Zac.
“Hey there sexy.” He whispered in Zac’s ear as he stepped up beside him and placed his hands on his hips. He wasn’t shy by any means.
Zac jumped a bit but figured it was Quincy. After a moment he frowned. Too small to be Quincy.
He spun around, finding himself inches away from a complete stranger. Their noses were actually touching.
“Um… hello?”
“Hey… are you okay?”
“Yeah I guess…. Why wouldn’t I be?”
“Well, didn’t it hurt?”
“Didn’t what hurt?”
“When you fell from heaven.” Devin smiled.
Zac chuckled.
“Did you really just use that on me?”
“Whatcha gonna do if I did?”
“Well, I’d tell you I have a boyfriend.”
“I have a fish.”
“Oh, sorry, I thought we were talking about things that didn’t matter.”
“Nice. Gotta give you credit. That was good.”
“Thank you.” Devin winked.
“So whats your name and why are you here?” Zac asked, taking a sip of his drink.
“Well I’m Devin Riley-McDaniels. I’d ask for your name but I already know your first name is Zac and someday your gonna take my last name so there’s no point.” He winked.
Zac chuckled.
“Well actually yes. One day my name’s gonna be Zac McDaniels but that’s because my fiance has the same last name as you.” He smirked. “And by that accent ya got there, I’d say you’re somehow related to Dustin?”
“Dustin’s my dad.” He nodded.
“Ah, so my fiance is your uncle. Quincy. Ever met him?”
Devin shook his head.
“Here’s your chance. And I suggest you get your hands offa me before he sees or he’ll chop them off…”
Devin laughed and wrapped an arm around Zac’s waist, much to his discomfort.
Quincy was indeed glaring as he stepped up to them. But he calmed down as he pulled Zac away and scooped him up like nothing, kissing him deeply.
When he set Zac down, he stumbled and giggled.
“Oh, whos the kid?” Quincy asked nonchalantly as if he hadn’t noticed Devin before when it was obvious he had.
“Devin Riley-McDaniels. And from what I’ve heard you’re my uncle.” Devin said, eyes narrowed as he looked the man over. Quincy was large and people just didn’t mess with his lover. He scared most people. In fact, he scared anyone with a brain. But he didn’t scare Devin at all.
He nodded. He recognized the name but he’d never seen the kid. He knew he was Dustin’s. And this was the only reason he didn’t hit him.
“Yeah, guess I am. I see you’ve met my fiance?” He smirked, intertwining his fingers with Zac’s, diamond ring shining.
“Yeah… I have…” Devin said, teeth gritted.
It was all Zac could do not to start laughing his ass off. He loved when Quincy was jealous. Especially this way. When he fucked with whoever was flirting with Zac.
“Well Devin it was nice meeting you but… damn Zac.” He smiled at his fiance. “I just can’t keep my hands offa you.” He shot a wink at Devin. “We got some… business to take care of upstairs if ya know what I mean.” He chuckled, kissing up Zac’s neck and jaw, nipping at his ear.
Zac purred cutely as Quincy lifted him and carried him off.
“Fucker…” Devin muttered and shook his head.
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