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Momma's don't go, Daddy come home...

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Momma's don't go, Daddy come home... Empty Momma's don't go, Daddy come home...

Post by Aristotle VanArnam on Fri Jun 17, 2011 3:03 am

Okay, so im writing this because im upset, I have been upset for a long time and im going to continue to be upset. I read a little bit of a fic someone wrote that I wanted to thread, but for several reason's they can't thread it but they can write a fic, I don't know, im just overly upset about it so I try and write anything to take my mind off of it for a while.....
So this is a tiny bit of back story with Rhett Braxton and Trever Murdock
A five year old Rhett Braxton squealed and ran from the room his older eight year old brother Trever was in, jolting from the room pass the living room and into the kitchen where his mother was cooking. The boy hugged onto his mother's legs and wailed loudly, pressing his face into his mother's calf.
"M-Momma!!!!" Rhett cried in the already damn cloth of his mothers jeans.
"Rhett sweetie whats tha matter with ya?" She asked, reaching down to pick her baby up.
Rhett trembled and hiccuped and few times. "T-Tweber!!!"
"Whah abouh him honna?"
"H-He kiwded kwitty!!" Rhett sobbed, it had been a traumatizing site for the small boy. His brother had, to put it plainly, dissected a kitten.
The women blinked, looking down at her baby and hugging him close.
"Shhhh Shhh Rhett ahm sure ets nowt thah bad, ah'll go seeh." She sat the boy down, making sure he stayed where she sat him. She knew her oldest child was a little unstable, she knew he was sadistic already at this young age and she tried as hard as she could to keep her other child, her precious, innocent, momma's boy separated from it. But it seems she had not been looking for one second and her son was now traumatized.
The women braced herself for what she was about to see and made her way into her oldest son's room, gasping at the sight she was met with. Trever, a normal sized eight year old with shaggy ear length jet black hair and dark deep emerald green eyes, was covered in blood, it was all over his clothes, his arms, his lap, and matting his hair, causing it to appear sticky. His hands, coated in blood and still working were holding a small sharp knife and a few nails he was using to hold the small kitten's skin apart with. The scary thing was, that the cat was still managing to hiss at Trever, even as the boy removed its intestine. Mrs.Braxton held a hand to her mouth and just shook her head.
"T-Trever...whah are ya doin babe?"
The boy looked up, sadistic grin on his face. "Why im playing with Kitty momma."
The women shook her head, snatching Trever up and clutching him to her chest, running up the stairs and into the large bathroom, stripping Trever of his blood drenched clothing and sitting him in the middle of the large tub. He turned on the hot water, then the cold, mixing it and making sure it was not to warm or too cold for her baby before making sure he no longer had anything he could harm himself or anything else with. She then got up and ran back down to the room, picking up the cat and taking in out back, screwing her eyes shut as he took a brick she had by the home and slammed it down on the cats head, the crack and squish of blood beneath the rock, combined with the vile smell of new blood and already decaying flesh made her pause to puke , she spent five minutes simply puking before running back in to see Trever, stopping just to assure the still sobbing Rhett everything was fine. She didn't know what to tell him about his kitty...
She ran back up, lathering a rag with soap and running it over her son's skin, making sure to scrub and wash him thoroughly, washing his hair , making sure it was nice and clean before rinsing him and getting him out, trying not to look at the bright red water. The women quickly dressed her son and sat him down in the kitchen with Rhett, knowing he would not hurt his baby brother, though she was still wary so she had Trever go out front and pick her some flowers which the boy did with a smile as if nothing was wrong and to him, nothing was wrong. She then took a shovel and went out back, spending an hour digging a deep enough hole and burying the poor defenseless kitten, saying a small prayer for the animal before covering it back up and padding back into the home, Dirty, bloody, sweating and so tired. When she got there Trever had her a bouquet of wild Easter lilies which she took with a smile, kissing his head.
"Thank you so much baby."
"Welcome momma,...when is supper?"
"Oh!!!" She cursed, looking into the oven which was smoking. She took an ovenmit and pulled the chard meatloaf out, sitting it on the counter. She just nodded and went back, making the boys a sandwich and giving them a glass of milk before sending them off to bed but not before Rhett hugged her tight like always after Trever did something weird.
"Shh baby..."
"H-He kiweded my kitty didnt he mwomma?"
"Yes baby....I dont think we should have any more kitties..."
"B-Bwut I want a p-pwet..."
"I know...we cant have one right now."
Rhett nodded tearfully, letting his mother carry him up to bed and tuck him in, kissing his forehead before turning off the light, leaving him a night light ion before doing to the same to Trever. The night Mrs.Braxton sat in a chair at the table, put her head in her hands, and crying. She didn't know what to do...She loved her son...Trever was her baby boy but what could she do?
She had to send him away somewhere...get him help....
And so he made plans, and in a month she had Trever alone with her in the kitchen, she had been cooking and finally decided she had to tell him. She sat him down, and knelt in front of him.
She sighed, she hated this...
"I have to send you away from a little while Trever."
The small boy frowned at her, not quite understanding. "What?"
"Baby you need help, im sending you away for help." She explained gently.
His eyes immediately darkened, he pursed his lips and shook his head. "You cant do this!!"
"Baby, its for the best..."
"The best for who! You and Rhett? What about me!?"
"Baby I-"
"No! First you run daddy and away and now your sending me off?"
Their father had walked out on them shortly after Rhett was born. Trever kept his fathers last name of Murdock while Rhett had his mothers last name of Braxton.
"Trever! No, I did not run your father off!"
"Might as well have! I hate you! Im not leaving!"
"You are too!" She took his arm lightly
"NO!!!!" He reached and in the blink of an eye grabbed the large kitchen knife his mother had been using to cut up carrots and stabbed his mother in the neck, not even thinking as he over and over again sliced his mother with the knife.
It all happened so fast....
By the time he was done he was covered in his mothers blood, and her head was only still attached to her neck by a stand of skin. Her blood puddled in the floor of the kitchen, covering everything. Trever panted lightly and dropped the knife, chewing his lip.
The boy looked up when he heard a small gasp...
"NO!!!! MWOMMA NO!!!" His brothers panicked squeals rang out.
Trever shook his head, catching Rhett around the waist before he slipped on the blood or touched their mothers dead corpse.
Trever sighed softly, hugging him tightly and making sure he couldn't get away.
"Listen Rhett..."
"Rhett!!" He growled and slammed the small five year old up against the wall.
The boy just cried harder.
"Listen to me!" He struck his brother across the face, slamming him again until Rhett was limp against the wall, just crying softly.
"Listen...." Trever's voice was softer, he had never hit his brother before...he hated it, it was his job to take care of him since his father left.
"Ill take care of it. Me and you are going to be just fine."
"B-Bwut Tweber, why?" He sniffled, his words full of tears.
"Because she wanted to send me away Rhett." He sighed, kissing his brothers forehead and hugging him tighter, singing softly to him to try and quiet the small sobs racking Rhett's small body.
Mother, you had me but I never had you,
I wanted you but you didn't want me,
So I got to tell you,
Goodbye, goodbye.
Farther, you left me but I never left you,
I needed you but you didn't need me,
So I got to tell you,
Goodbye, goodbye.
Children, don't do what I have done,
I couldn't walk and I tried to run,
So I got to tell you,
Goodbye, goodbye.
Mama don't go,
Daddy come home.
Mama don't go,
Daddy come home.
Mama don't go,
Daddy come home.
Mama don't go,
Daddy come home.
Mama don't go,
Daddy come home.
Mama don't go,
Daddy come home.
Mama don't go,
Daddy come home.....
Momma's don't go, Daddy come home... Picnik10

Momma's don't go, Daddy come home... Jay_si10
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